Mysterious box mislabeled

2011 bumper stickers

I’m laughing right now.  Today’s daily word is Quill?  Seriously?  You’re killing me, WordPress!  But damn it, I’ll make it work!  You’ll see…

2006 Bumper stickers

My husband brought in a box for us to go through last night – as we are clearing out the garage so that we can move in about a month.  This box was labeled photos.  (crap – another box of photos – I just posted about that!)

Except, this had (5) KROQ bumper stickers when I had just posted about the 80’s music and KROQ radio station for the Daily word of Passenger. (see post)  How odd is that?

2010 bumper sticker

Also, this box had a little bit of everything.  Some photos, but on top was my wedding purse for the dollar dance, and my blue leg garter and a white handkerchief – sealed in plastic to preserve so I can give to my daughter later (if she desires to use as something borrowed/blue – or just keep as keepsake)

INCLUDED, even more strangely, was my step father-in-law’s government issued knife.  It’s rusted and scary looking.  My husband had helped to clean out his mom’s storage unit a few years ago and some things he put away in our garage – supposed to be temporary, but forgotten about!  As I was inspecting the knife, I recalled talking to Lee one time about Vietnam and his role.  I think he was in the Marines(?), and one time he explained to me, his function was either like (or was) a mercenary of sorts.  He was instructed to go and kill a particular person and was skilled and successful?  I don’t recall because I was horrified at the role he was assigned and didn’t want to think about it too much. Holding that knife, kinda freaked me out, because I’m guessing it killed a person or two in close combat.

Yes, that will be given either back to Lee so he can give to his son/daughter.  Or we’ll give to them directly at the next family function.  How it ended up with us (????)…then I remembered, oh yeah, my husband always has to help his mom with all her junk.  Which just means we end up acquiring it and storing it.  (sigh)  By the way, Jesus is still with us.  (thanks for that one, Uncle Dan)

…what a  strange box of “whatever” – I’m surprised I didn’t find a quill and dried ink in here.  (BAM!)  If I had a mic in my hand, I’d be dropping it to the ground!  Or in this particular case, the feather!

(slowly floating to the ground, doesn’t make quite enough impact, does it?)



10 thoughts on “Mysterious box mislabeled

  1. So.. Busy.. Working.. How are you writing and posting? Make me wonder…well we have a mercenary in the family.. Make me wonder what kind of man he is?? What do he tell the kids who irritates him?

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    1. First, I’m a woman….Second, I’m a mom… we know how to multi-task. Work is slow. I’ve actually got some posts pre-written – I type them as I think about them during breaks.

      Sadly, papa is too busy at the bar – when he’s not working as bartender, he’s hanging out there with friends. Isn’t that weird with us having that rusted knife? When my hubby cleared out his mom’s storage unit – there were things he wanted to return to them…yet everything stayed with us.

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    2. It all piles up.. Slowly and steadily and when it increase from your eye level you realise, to borrow your terminology Crap, Crap, Crap..

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    3. Simplicity sometimes, is best. What is that acronym – K.I.S.S. – “Keep it simple stupid” Someone said that to me the other day – apply kiss – what? (oh, there’s a blog post there!)

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    1. All my post replies on Fandango blog seem to be not working.. But please write a poem your style.. Please…


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