Rock ON, dude!

If you could tether yourself to 1 Public person (actor, singer, author, etc.) who would it be…

It’s interesting.  I’ve never cared much for the “whos-who” and don’t follow award shows, or who is going out with or married to whom, what designer that person wore…etc.

However, there are a couple people that I just don’t know why…but I love them.  Seriously, they have the IT factor – engaging the masses.

Not too many people will I stop and be fascinated with, such as Dwayne Johnson, or you may know him as THE ROCK.  He was on Jimmy Falon the other night, again, I go to sleep early and don’t watch late-night shows…but I was like

“WAIT!  Don’t turn it off – leave it ON!”

My husband, startled.  “Oh, you’re awake?”

“The ROCK is coming on.  I love that guy not just in movies, but what he seems like in real life!”

And he and Jimmy were so FUNNY!  The Rock made the cover of GQ Magazine.  The inside photos.  Hahahaha!  The cover is somewhat goofy – and it quickly  became a contest!  People posing the same way, making it unique and a winner will be picked where he’ll buy out a movie theater for that winner’s friends/family with all the popcorn and cola they can eat/drink to watch his upcoming moving Bay Watch.. Here’s the Facebook page.

Actually, He picked a winner, here’s the link:

Anyway, this is a guy I would really enjoy having as a neighbor…over for BBQs and such.  I wonder what his pals call him – “Yo, Dewayne.”  – no that’s not right.  It would be fun like DEE Wayyyyne.  Or What up D!  He’s definitely not a Wayne.  DW maybe?

He doesn’t know this yet, but he would soooo be BESTIES with our family.  That radiant smile, and his crazy raised brow, or the making his pecks dance.  Come on, the dude is the best.  ROCK ON!  But then again…I’d probably end up doing something crazy, like tethering myself to him, trying my best to give him that Dewayne smile.  “I go where you go today!”  (and end up with a restraining order)

OMYgawd.  I decided to watch a funny movie called, “Be Cool,” with John Travolta and a several famous people.  The Rock plays a singer with a FRO.  It’s hysterical.  There’s nothing he won’t do – dress up like a fairy for the Tooth Fairy movie.. Hahahah.  Become half scorpion.  Love that guy.

I seriously, can’t stop laughing


15 thoughts on “Rock ON, dude!

  1. Never saw you as a Rock fan.. I like Daniel Day Lewis.. But i don’t want to tether myself to anyone.. How will i do my no. 2 business or no. 1 for that matter. Will i turn around and say to Lewis, “I am finished”. He will roll his eyes up and beat with a bowling pin..

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    1. With my vibrancy on my blog and my personality – how could I not be a ROCK fan? (and I got kids, he makes kid movies)

      Well… the binding tether can be figurative or if literal…the rope could be long enough to allow private moments. (Hello)

      And by the way, I didn’t state he was the best actor – just that he seems like a lot of FUN and I’d want hang out with him. He has that extreme “likeability” factor.

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    2. I was pulling your leg.. And you asked if you.. could question in the blog? Hmm.. I didn’t know Kids loved him.. And i like to hang with Lewis not because he is a great actor.. But he is an introvert like me..

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    3. And yeah as i will come to the room and the Rock ask who is he.. You will say.. I don’t know.. And your husband will pull me aside and say.. She is like thar ever since he is here..

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  2. I’ve never been a big fan of the Rock. But I can understand feeling tethered to a public person. For example, I feel tethered to Donald Trump. He’s like a bad accident, a disaster, and one that you just can’t look away from. Sad!


  3. He spends quite a bit of time on Oahu actually! My friends met him and said he was very personable and nice. He arranged for the”Rock the Troops” event in Hickam with a bunch of celebrity’s which was amazing because we don’t get much for entertainment way out here! I’ve developed quite the little crush on him too 😉

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