Now that’s a sausage

Omgawd, seriously, stop me now.  I had to do one more!  Twittering Tale #35, 40 characters or less using the above photo

Wow, look at that
Mmm, Huge Sausage, I want a bite
That’s vulgar
Cuz I want a taste of your dinner?
I’m talking about the guy streaking by

(140 characters exactly)


4 thoughts on “Now that’s a sausage

  1. Hey.. Hey.. Stop…. Aren’t you an early sleeper.. Go to sleep now.. If you don’t.. Your husband will beat the bejesus out of me.. Crap he is calling..


  2. Huge sausage? Guy streaking? I’m no Sigmund Freud, but it sounds like you have an obsession with, shall we say, large wieners (as in hot dogs or jumbo franks, of course).


    1. Hahahah! That story would happen to ME! I’d be eating dinner with my husband, oblivious to the person running down the street. What? Where? Gimme your food, man!


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