Cancerous Eye Sore

140 characters, or less using the photo Twittering Challenge # 37

Not in MY backyard
They scream
A Tower of power
is not our American dream
give us cell service & electricity
but we don’t want that metal thingy


11 thoughts on “Cancerous Eye Sore

    1. I much like your idea better… a quick 140

      This is ridiculous
      can you hear me now?
      I’ll climb a little higher
      How ’bout now?
      There’s another dude near the top
      YO, you got service up there?

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    1. That’s freakin’ brilliant!!! Gawd, I’m laughing. So glad he pulled a muscle too – jerk! YOU have to go to that site and post it! hahahah Oh, this is fun! Thanks Sight for referring us!

      Liked by 1 person

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