Monty Python

Photo: Kecia Spartin – Flash Fiction

I was challenged by another blogger pal of mine, only goes by the name of Sight.  He suggested I participate in the Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers or FFfaw (for short)

The aquarium contained a Python, and took up most of my friend’s living room.  Rick told me he went to the Wild Jungle to get Monty.  (as in Monty Python, very clever)

“You went somewhere near the equator?  How did you capture it (here snakey-snakey) and how did you transport it back to the states?”

(sigh) “The Wild Jungle is the name of a pet shop”   (ohhhh, that makes more sense)

Hesitantly, I agreed to hold  Monty.  WOW!  Heavy!  and all I kept thinking was he was going to wrap around me and squish my insides out!  Instead, Monty refused to remain anywhere near me and immediately headed to the couch cushions and into crevice of the couch to which Rick exclaimed:

“Oh, don’t let him get in there!”

Why?  There’s no coils for him to coil around and get stuck.  Rick was afraid Monty would pull a muscle.  Really?  That can happen?

Can you imagine calling the vet, “Yes, I think my snake pulled a muscle.”



15 thoughts on “Monty Python

    1. Well, see , I feel like I’m totally cheating. I don’t write fiction – all my stories are real, with some slight editing / embellishments to make it somewhat entertaining. This really happened, except it was Rick’s Roommate Nathan’s snake.

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    2. Hey you don’t write doesn’t mean you can’t write.. You can.. Celebrate.. Wonderfully written.. And that last line I knew i was reading your post..


    3. You are such an encourager! Bloggers are lucky to have you, someone who actually is a truly-skilled writer. Ha! I’m just having fun…and talking about my life. I’ve been blessed surrounding myself with individuals very clever, intelligent, witty souls…that’s my interactions with them. Very rarely do I fabricate.

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    4. Don’t lie.. (about the first part from You.. Writer). The second part is true and I know that(seeing your husband proudly beating his chest like Tarzan) but aren’t you surprised by how well you wrote a fictional piece..

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  1. Hahahaha! If I were the vet I would say, just put some “Deep Heat” on it and stand far away! LOL! Cute story! Welcome to the FFfAW challenge! We are happy you have joined us!


    1. Slap on some bengay and call it a day? hahahah. They probably have some special snake product – highly expensive – oh, you need this! (when it’s just a scam to “snake” some more $$ out of you.)


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