Plucky Nurse

The last (3) Daily Press words immediately trigger either a memory of a song, or a movie scene.  (sigh) yes, I’m not a deep thinker, guys.  Sorry.  That would require too much effort, and I might hurt myself. (or never come back – lost in a black hole)

So, I will post someone else using the word.  (clever, clever!)  Poor Jeanie, loathing how all  the community is for Ferris’ well-being, when he’s just faking illness!  The scene where she opens the door, thinking the cops are there to save her…and it’s the nurse…there to restore her (or his) pluck.

Who uses the word Pluck?  If this memory didn’t pop in my head immediately, I would have been forced to talk about plucking a chicken (which I have no knowledge of)  I’m really interested to see those poetry people out there rhyming with this.  Uh, Cluck, tuck…??? (Anyone, Anyone, Bueller?)  At some point they are going to get in a funk because they ran out of luck and eventually throw up their hands and say WTF?

Just sayin’ ( I would) that’s why I only do poetry more tongue-n-cheek…driving the true poets crazy (sorry ’bout that) I promise I don’t do it that often.

Funny, we have a huge collection of DVDs that primarily are my 80’s collection (outside of the animated movies for the kids), several of which are John Hughes films.  Just a week ago, my husband put on Ferris and we still laugh and laugh.  Especially Principal Rooney, and his assistant, Grace that scene

“I don’t trust this kid any further than I can throw him.”

“Well, with your bad knee, Ed, you shouldn’t throw anybody…it’s true.”

That Rooney had some pluck, determined to get that kid, no matter being spit on at an arcade, being attacked by the Bueller’s dog, kicked in the face (multiple times) by Jeanie, have his car towed…yet still, he persisted to get that kid, Ferris!






8 thoughts on “Plucky Nurse

  1. Stop making fun of poets. They are a Community you know. What if they insult you.. And you think.. I don’t understand that.. WTF.. And than they will say.. Yeah.. That rhymes with pluck(just as you mentioned in the post, pun intended)


    1. They could insult me in a poem and I’d be none-the-wiser – because I’m not a deep thinker -I’d just read what’s on the “surface” and say, oh that’s a nice poem. 🙂 – meanwhile, they are like “You’re a fool! I just insulted you!”

      I remember trying my hand at Haiku or poem – trying to rhyme everything. Just for fun…knowing it was quite terrible…but I had a good time doing it. Went to another site of the (serious) poets, and reading comments: “I can’t stand reading people who constantly rhyme their poems” – “yeah, I can’t stand that either.” I thought it funny…Hahahah… YES – Poet snobs! My world is complete! I’m friends with Beer Snobs too, and Wine snobs! I love it! They all tease me for how shallow my waters are

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    2. Hey.. Hey.. Hey.. They are the idiots.. They cannot write like you period.. You are lively in your blog.. Always write the normal things.. As you may already know I love your posts.. I can’t stop laughing when you write about it.. In fact I have an idea for your next post.. A trend is starting here.. ‘You follow me I follow you’ .. I mean seriously.. What the hell.. They even write it.. Asking the person to do it.. I will follow the blogs I like.. I LIKE.. Dammit.. Its a harassment..

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    3. Hey.. Come on.. Don’t say it.. Like that.. It creeps me out.. Seriously i don’t know these people. I only visit and comment on those people blogs which i like..


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