Happy 4th to all those Criminals out there!

My new blogging pal, goes by the name of “Sight,” has gone and done it.  Made me into a criminal. (post here) I couldn’t believe my eyes when I went to visit his site this morning.  What the?  Whoa, Wait just a minute.

and being 4th of July – HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY USA – we always put on a few good movies during this holiday.  Obviously, Independence Day (mmmm got to get my Will Smith fix) and then there’s National Treasure series (Nicholas Cage) and then, there’s Transformers series.  These are movies my kids like watching, as well.

Although there are several fantastic scenes in this movie, this particular scene in the Transformers always cracks me up – and so when my blogging pal turned me into a criminal,this is all that kept going through my mind.

“SHE DID IT!  Don’t talk to me criminal!”

Enjoy your holiday with family and friends, guys!  Big hugs and kisses!



6 thoughts on “Happy 4th to all those Criminals out there!

  1. Hi there.(I am writing it in the middle of night because i know you will read it after getting a good night sleep). I wrote that piece because I knew only you would read and understand, that i wrote it for you. But now i saw the post and well.. Everyone knows about it now. So Sandi my friend, thanks for writing such wonderful posts. (P. S. I am gonna mention you again)

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