Come Sail Away with Me!

Come Sail away, Come Sail Away, Come and Sail Away with Me…

The other day I posted about growing up in the 80’s.  When the daily prompt reflected “Passenger” – immediately I began singing Siouxsie and the Banshee’s, The Passenger.   The same thing happened with today’s prompt of Sail – immediately I began singing the song from that 70’s band, Styx.  A portion of my very early youth was in the 70’s.  I had a young mom, she had me at 19 and was very much into what is now referred to as, “classic Rock.”

This band was included in her huge album collection and I remembered dancing around to their songs around 6 years old…and beyond.  (this song was released in 1977) They still play and were local last year – just couldn’t seem to get tickets.  They are on my bucket list.  Except,

I wonder if the lead singer, Dennis DeYoung, can still reach those ranges.  I know the B52s band, the girls would sing so crazy high and do crazy things like the intro to Planet Claire, they can’t do that anymore…but still can do amazing things with their voices -still great to see in concert.  However, people like Eddie Money.. can’t.  Their voice is gone – same reason, Steve Perry of Journey no longer sings.  They just can’t make their voices do the same thing or find a range that works like the B52 girls did.

I know that Dennis DeYoung and Styx split, and Dennis DeYoung can’t use the band name STYX, but can use his name and the words “playing songs of Styx.”  The band is going to be at the Rancho Mirage theater, but those Indian Casino concerts cost way too much!

If you don’t recognize this song, you probably will recognize Kilroy or better known as Mr. Robto … computerized voice in the beginning – “Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto”  They made commercials with that.

13 thoughts on “Come Sail Away with Me!

    1. Now, you’re getting the real picture. Do you remember the old cartoon – the Wonder Twins? And they wore these watches and they would turn them and say “Wonder twin powers activate…form of” (and it would be like a dolphin or something) – well my high school friends would joke they had their “Sandi decoder” watches on – wait – let us turn the dial – because I switch gears often – wide variety of subjects all within a short period of time.

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    2. Well, I like that. But the pun was also intended as it was the Album name.. Kilroy was here.. So you see.. I bow to your might and knowledge and strength.. Not willingly of course(pun intended again)… I consulted your husband before making that decision..


    3. Not the first time something went over my head…

      I will defend myself as I’ve just gotten my first cup of coffee, after getting cranky kids up and off with dad for the 5k, with chopped fruit (yes, no coffee, no glasses, and half awake- surprised I still had fingers to type.) -and I still don’t have my glasses on…. so I shouldn’t probably be really communicating.

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    4. Enjoy me time and time with your family.. Cheer for the kids and the beau.. Happy 4th of July…and good luck finding those glasses…OK off i go.. Take care..

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  1. Okay, now you’ve gone and done it. That song is in my head and I can’t stop hearing it. I’m trying to write a post in response to the “sail” prompt and all that I can think of is “Come sail away.” Thanks a lot!

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  2. I really enjoyed that! I also grew up in the 80s and this song put a smile on my face.
    When I saw the prompt today the song that came to mind was David Gray’s Sail Away, not an 80s song though.


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