The Ultimate Wiener Dude

Grandpa – The Lost Boys

Let me be one of the first to say to all those in the United States, “Happy 4th of July!”  Woooooo!

Well…almost, I’m a day early.  However, the festivities of the American Food  have already commenced.

Being the huge 80’s fans that we are, my husband and I often quote lines from our favorite movies.

Yesterday, my husband had on one of the various ESPN channels and I changed up the quote from, “The Lost Boys,” a bit:

“One thing I  never could stomach…. watching all the people shove tons of hot dogs in their mouths.”

Seriously, Hot Dog eating contests gross me out – and how can these guys not die?

I could only watch two minutes before having to walk away –

ewwww.  I wanna hurl.

How the heck, is that a sport?  Why is this so huge around Independence Day?

Their poor significant others, following the event…you smell like hot dogs, hon.  (the smell oozing out the pores)  I wonder for how many days?  Like how alcohol odor sticks around while you’re hung over.

Could you imagine belching the rest of the day…and like Homer Simpson would say, “mmmm….hot dawg!”  I wonder if they evacuate their stomachs after…hello, Bulimia.  (this bathroom will be out-of-order the rest of the day…For contestants dashing to throw up or poop.)

I wonder if they get their choice of Turkey dogs or beef franks…or for the vegetarian, Soy dogs!  (ha!)  Their back packs must be stocked with water, Tums, and X-Lax.

That dude, Joey Chestnut, ate 69 wieners!  A World Record – breaking his old record of 67.  And to think, hot dogs were what we were planning for our 4th of July dinner…and I’m kinda not wanting them now.



27 thoughts on “The Ultimate Wiener Dude

  1. Hot dogs?No one knows what goes in them. No one…Not even the ones making them, and eating them. Talk about being an ‘aware customer’.. And who watches ESPN on 4th of July..??


    1. Yeah, but between the kid hitting the gym for the marathon as you mentioned and ‘Moving Out’.. Watching ESPN it just is surreal..


    2. By my standard anything above 2km is marathon.. Come one I can cycle my way up there why need to run or walk.. Or even go there.. Hello Home delivery..

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    3. Was? Its funny never heard the two words together.. Was and Bike rider I mean.. Isn’t it funny people forget to drive, if they don’t do the activity continuously but bike, take it after 10 years of not touching it and you remember why there is the expression.. Like riding a bike..

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    4. I get to now do the next loathsome thing – grocery shopping. We are going early before the crowds! I’m outta here! I’ll swing by your site in a couple hours!

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    5. Well happy shopping…and I am not gonna stand in your way.. And Eat something.. Maybe Hot dogs..


  2. I liked your blog and it is pretty gross stuffing your mouth with that many hot dogs, but July is National grilling month and hot dogs are very easy to grill. The contest is held in Coney Island, which is part of Brooklyn and Nathan’s makes all-beef hot dogs, so no one will be eating a Turkey dog or a soy dog. They are made with No Artificial Flavors or Colors, No By-Products, and they are Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Casein Free and they contain No Sugar. I never thought about the throwing up or pooping, but I am sure that all the contestants need to consider this.

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    1. right? I just think what is the “aftermath” of eating 69 hot dogs.

      And thank you – I’m guessing you work in marketing for Nathan’s No Artificial Flavors or Colors, No By-Products, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Casein Free No Sugar hot dogs. They sound delish.

      I personally hate beef hot dogs because I belch them the rest of the day. As opposed to Oscar Meyer Turkey dogs. But I do realize people prefer higher end items…like sausage and sauerkraut, as another reader pointed out. 🙂 My husband didn’t want to go for that. Probably considering the later effect of heartburn. 🙂

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    1. You too! Hey, I just tried to visit your site, and I can’t see blog posts and everything is right aligned and run together? Where do I click to read you posts?

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  3. Man and I here I was thinking you liked my content… P.S. Brats are amazing and remind me of the Midwest, but the heartburn and the high calorie content take away the fun. I’ll usually steal a bite of my hubby’s brat and stick to grilled chicken (boring!), but a bite is always satisfying.

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    1. Actually, I am a fan of your blog and follow it and give you comments and Likes that are sincere! You are obviously, are not the one this post applies! But I’m sure you know what I mean? Maybe not. All your likes are probably sincere! And each and every person read your post.

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    2. Thanks! Blogging has been quite therapeutic for me and many of us pour our heart and soul into our writings. It is like I tell my kids. Do you want a million acquaintances or 5 really close friends? Quantity is rarely better than quality.

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    3. I agree, of course, that is the purpose of my blogging. everyone else’s purpose is different and we do things to reach that goal. However, sometimes, you have to put forth some effort. My husband is in sales, and he can’t expect people to just “buy from him.” He spends time with them, finding out about the company, them personally, what they need and what they want…and if you’re good at your job, people will come back to you because they like you. Although price is always a factor, often times, prices from competitors are so close, it comes down to the rapport you have with someone. Do they get back to you – great follow up, etc. And exactly what you said, I would rather have friends on here that we comment back and forth offering support and cracking each other up – vs. high traffic. **perfect example** I have an old blog – I still continue to get followers on it and I haven’t posted in years. I have over a thousand follows. I just started this one… people follow, just to increase their chances of being seen and they see my old account has many followers, so they follow. It’s so silly. So you can’t really trust your site numbers. It’s more important to have your regulars, people you begin to know.

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    4. Oh, yes – my husband made that exact same comment on the brats – high fat and lots of salt – obviously tasty, but you pay BIG TIME later. And we’re in our mid-40s now….we now eat Tums often.

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  4. Yesterday when I wished you a great holiday with no heartburn, I never saw your response (You too! Hey, I just tried to visit your site, and I can’t see blog posts and everything is right aligned and run together? Where do I click to read you posts?). Sight11 noticed the same thing and he has been helping me work out some issues. I guess my page looks better now as I changed it to display my latest posts. I am so happy to be getting help from so many professional writers and I want to thank you for pointing that out.

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