I don’t like you

I’m annoyed with some bloggers.  Do you really want me to read you blog? Then don’t be this person

Who likes those bloggers whose primary goal is just to increase traffic to their site?  Anyone?  These are the worst offenders.  Nothing I hate more than those that are insincere.  Do NOT like my post, just to get me to your site.

Yes, I suspect there’s a few of you that have been liking my posts recently, that I’m pretty sure didn’t read it.

How do I know this?

Reader view on blog
snap shot of Reader View – this does not pertain to any particular blog in this view – and those blog names/post title were blocked out.

I know they haven’t even opened it up…because as soon as I  hit the post button, I go back to reread for any errors and 2 people have already LIKED IT – and it’s the same two people – there’s no way, they even had a chance to read it because I just clicked post and was just rereading myself and hadn’t even made it through the first sentence!

I really thought WordPress enabling people to like a post without opening it, rather lame.  How can they like something by the first sentence/header picture?  So you know, these bloggers are scrolling down and just clicking LIKE, LIKE, LIKE all the way down their reader list.  They never comment on your content and probably never look at it!

I seriously, want to block those people.  Is there an option for that and I’m not aware?   You know, like how Facebook has – you can block a person or just their posts. If it doesn’t exist, then WordPress needs to add that option to their next upgrade  As much as it’s fun to see, wow, I have 20 likes – not when someone didn’t sincerely read. #Idontlikeyou  STOP IT.

I’m not here to drive up your numbers (visits to your site) so that you can show companies how valuable you are to market their product/advertising or purchase your services. I don’t care what you’re selling, I don’t want it.

And if you aren’t understanding what I mean by this, when someone likes a post – typically you’re going click on them and visit their site in return. Right? Sometimes, when I visit other sites, I check out who liked their posts, and visit those people’s site, as well, as I’m always looking for new material and new buddies.  And I try to make a thoughtful or clever comment whenever I can or it strikes me to do so.

My purpose is to have fun and meet people across the globe.  So, of course, if Joe-Joe clicks “like” on my post…I’m going to say “Oh, who’s Joe-Joe” and then when it’s a marketing thing, I get so ticked off.  I don’t need you to tell me how to be a successful blogger.

If you are sincere, wonderful!  and Love you, Love you!  However, those that just want me to visit and comment on their site only because they are too lazy to ever comment themselves  or too busy  hitting like everywhere they can…I want to block you and others from seeing you advertise your blog brand for free on my site.

Because, that’s what you are doing.  You’re posting your little WordPress Icon on several sites as advertising yourself.  I don’t like you.  Stop it.  I don’t want you following my blog if it’s just for your marketing purpose.

Just to prove a point – I’m going to spend the next 15 minutes, just hitting like everywhere.


40 thoughts on “I don’t like you

    1. There are some super SPEED readers out there! Obviously, a skill we don’t possess. Ha! I’m sure this will offend some bloggers, but I find it rude on their part. They are not being slick. We’re onto them. 🙂

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    2. Be kind, pretend for a moment! Make me believe. I had another blogging friend of mine, just do that very same thing! LOL I’ll be over soon to read something of yours! Hahaha and any “liking” that I do, will be sincere. (and spaced out!) hahahah

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    1. I really did just do that, so I don’t if one of your posts was a random one I just “liked” – but I will be over shortly to visit your site. And I’ll be sincere. (promise)


    1. Damn it – what good are you guys then – isn’t it part of the duties as a male – this ‘fending’ stuff? Just sayin’ – geeze. And, I’m still going to tell people off – they aren’t going to be lucky and be ignored – they (and everyone else) must know they aren’t fooling anyone. The whole elephant in the room thing…

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    2. Hey.. You can punch harder than me.. And we are fending them off because you are strong not the other way around.. Poor Souls.. I can hear them whispering.. I gave her like.. What more she want.. Heartless.. You should ignore friends like me who actually read the post and concentrate on these hordes..(pun intended) Remember they have numbers.. What do I have nothing.. And I rarely give likes..

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    3. You don’t “Like” lightly. I like that. So when you do, I know it’s something special. See, we understand one another. (whispering in the background) wouldn’t be a first with me. I affect people that way. I take the Penguins of Madagascar approach…”Just smile and wave” and sometimes a loud HEYyyy thrown in for fun.


    1. Sadly, sometimes people are just building up traffic to their site. I’m all for supporting my friends and their business endeavors, but they have to be my friend first for my support.

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    2. I don’t get all that much traffic, so…

      Actually, maybe this also happens to you? I don’t think my stats pick up the majority of my visitors, especially the returning ones. For example, I’ll get a visitor in the morning…fine. Then I’ll get five comments several hours later, some of which indicate that today was their first visit to my site. Does that happen to you?


    3. Honestly, I have given up trying to figure it out. I don’t really understand the difference between visit and view on the stats.


  1. Uh oh. You just liked one of my posts a few minutes ago. I hope that wasn’t a “revenge like.” For what it’s worth, I have experienced similar “instant likes,” often from people who have semi-commercial sites. And like you, I typically go to see what someone who liked my post is all about. How disappointing to find them wanting to sell me cosmetics or their recipe book.

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    1. Actually, it was a point I was proving – I recall hitting your site (and thinking, actually, I really do follow that person’s work) – but again, I did scroll down and like all posts for about 10 minutes. Just to see what the result would be… 🙂 But, I do READ your blog posts. 🙂

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  2. Oooooh-oh. I am guilty, guilty, guilty of doing that. I limit myself to a half hour of blog reading a day, yet I follow a lot of great writers…..so when I near the end of my time, I like, like, like from the Reader List.

    I do this to encourage my friends to keep writing….but I know, it may look bad at times.

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    1. You – I would not have suspected, because you actually comment back and forth – so when you “like” a post – it never occurs to me that you fall in this range…and you explained yourself well. This post was directed to those that have the sole purpose of just increasing traffic to their site and NEVER read any of them. Typically, it’s someone trying to generate money from their blog.

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  3. I have to say, I was kind of hurt today when I opened this up and saw you used my blog as an example of what “not to do.”

    I thought I have been rather engaging on your site. I’ve commented several, quite long comments actually in the short time I’ve followed you.

    My blog is about encouraging people (mom’s especially) and I sincerely meant what I said where you highlighted above about “captivating inspiring and motivating” my readers. I know not everyone is sincere in their “likes” and may have ulterior motives. But, I think it is also important to remember you DO have some readers that follow along and read your posts. People have different reasons for “liking” posts. I don’t think it’s necessarily right to assume it’s just to draw traffic to their page because that is definitely not the case for me.

    I’m embarrassed now that I “liked” your post about being a criminal before I read this one. I went so far as to even read the post you linked to about breaking the cookie jar. I didn’t comment on either because my kids needed me and I was about to log off. But, then I saw this post and have now spent the last 10+ minutes trying to figure out how to respond to this hurtful post. I hope I’ve misunderstood things and you aren’t really offended by me “liking” your posts. If so, I’m sorry.


    1. There’s a misunderstanding – I didn’t target one person in my writing. It was a generalization. That screen shot was just a screen shot so I could show the “reading view” and how easy it is to scroll and click the like button all the way down. It was a random screen shot – that just happened to have your blog post – and when I cut/pasted, it highlighted – so definitely a misunderstanding. not saying those particular blogs were offenders. Simply it was a reading view those just happened to be the posts at the time that showed up in my reader. It be fixed shortly.

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    2. Thank you for clearing that up for me. I feel much better! Maybe I’m just hormonal right now (insert a craving for chocolate) but, it really hurt. I’m glad we cleared this up. Because I really do enjoy your blog. It was a good reminder to spend more time being “interactive” with other bloggers. So, I appreciate that.


    3. I’m very sorry. I absolutely meant no one any harm in particular – it was more of a generalization on these groups that have different intentions for their sites. I enjoy your blog too and can totally see where there was confusion. I took a different snap shot, and blocked out as much as I could so there’s not a misunderstanding again. Thank you for bringing it to my attention. That was the mature, adult thing to do to inquire, and allow me time to explain and fix. Communication is always the best practice. Thank you!


  4. Typically, and this is just me, I only like stuff that I’ve read. Even if I don’t necessarily like a particular blog post. I feel like it’s my way of showing I read something. I won’t like someone’s post just to get attention on my own blog. If I wanted attention over at my blog I’d leave a comment…

    I mean… uh… dang…

    Really, I only comment if I feel like I’ve got something to say. I haven’t been commenting on many blogs lately because it’s been just that, I haven’t felt like I’ve had much to say. I feel like that’s been coming through on my own blog, too. I’ve mostly been doing the weekly series’ because they pretty much write themselves. Anything I have to think about, I’ve been putting on the back burner more often than not.

    I solemnly swear that I won’t like anything unless I’ve read it first. 🙂

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    1. You and I are friends already – we’ve been blog pals for a over a year – even on my breaks – you once told me “I couldn’t think of a clever response, so I didn’t respond at all.” Hahahah – Obviously, this doesn’t mean you – I think you know the individuals I mean – those people that really do just scroll down and hit like, like, like down the entire reader page. I don’t even know them. No rapport. I tend to comment more vs. hitting a like button. That way they know someone did visit their page. I tend to like comments, so that the person can see that I acknowledged their comment, if I don’t reply back.

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    1. Yes, I know there is, but I don’t want to have to do that. And, last time I checked, you’re only allowed so many people when you make your site private and then you have to pay?


    1. I’m with you. I posted a similar lament a couple of years ago about people who comment, comment, comment until you follow them back, then go quickly silent. Seems like a lot of work just for a follow.

      P.S. Your post doesn’t sound mean.


    2. Hahahah! I’m a big commenter because I like to banter! And yes, I have had that experience where once you follow and comment on your site _ they never have time to come back to yours or ever comment again, just hitting the like button on occasion.

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  5. I am SO unable to do such a thing! My blog posting is so slow and sporadic because I focus more on reading and commenting than actually posting my own stuff. I enjoy reading to find what will inspire me. I’ve just recently eased up the pressure by not clicking ‘like’ if I didn’t feel inspired. I used to do it anyway for those who I have liked their stuff previously thinking if I have felt something the first few times that I should always. There are times when I don’t gravitate towards a particular post, and I feel guilty that I don’t (I know, I’m over-thinking it) so I like it anyway without leaving a comment. Why has this blogging become so riddled with peer pressure! 😆 😆 Thanks for your authenticity. It is very refreshing.


    1. I “like” comments more than a post. Simply, to let the other know that I got their comment? If they took time to banter with me. A lot of the times, I do find the comment amusing too. But regular posts, I’m more focused on commenting than hitting the like button.

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  6. This has happened to me also, in fact, I won’t mention any names, but one blogger LIKED 10 of my posts in about a minute and I doubt anyone can read that fast. I think that they do this to see their picture or icon symbol on the bottom among the group of bloggers. The one thing that gets me more upset than these LIKERS are those who do that PINGBACK as that is just shameless. Making thoughtful or clever comments is the way I roll and it order to do that you must read the whole post. There are so many good writers here that actually create stuff and if someone hits the LIKE button on my post, common courtesy tells me that I should check their page out, but only being here for a few months I have already identified who these LIKERS are, so there is no need to bother. I actually am not concerned if anyone reads my stuff as I am here to create and if people read it and like it that makes me feel better, but I am still going to write either way.


    1. WELL said! Yes, me too. But everyone has different objectives to reach. I get it, their purpose just doesn’t match mine. I want sincerity and friendship. A place to banter back and forth and have a good time. They need to sell a product or market themselves. It’s just they are going about it the wrong way. They need to create friendships and then mention their service in an occasional blog posts mixed in. Friends like to support friends. Anyway, I did find, there is a way to list people / particular bloggers as SPAM but I think that might only apply to comments and not the like button?


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