Love them 80’s – Siouxsie Sioux and Banshees – Passenger

Today’s prompt is Passenger

…and immediately, I began singing in my head.

Singin’ la la la la la-la-la la / La la la la la-la-la la / La la la la la-la-la la la-la

I grew up in the 80’s when music videos were just beginning…and Richard Blade was becoming Iconic for KROQ, local radio station in Southern California.  That radio station ended up becoming HUGE to high schoolers and college students, and any adult that liked music they eventually dubbed “Alternative” and many of these bands were discovered by legendary, Rodney on the Roq.  He enjoyed the darker bands like Siouxsie and the Banshees, those that wouldn’t get normal air-time by other radio stations, he would play these bands late in the evening.

There was an old TV show that started called Video Hits 1, and they played on Channel 9 or 13, after school – around 3:30 in the afternoon. I think I was 9 or 10 and Richard Blade was the announcer between videos.  During commercials, they kept airing advertisements for this MTV, Music Television Video, that was coming.  In 1981, MTV was launched.  And it was so amazing, so much better than what it has become today…with reality shows and such.  That Video Hits 1 T.V. show was short lived, later in 1985 it became VH1 and a cable competitor of MTV.

I spent so many hours watching MTV in my youth, where all this New Wave music, such as Adam Ant’s Stand and Deliver. I wanted to put on Indian War Paint and Siouxsie and Banshee’s Spellbound, where she wore this mesmerizing red cloak, somewhat like a dress, and danced around. “You’re spinning, you have no choice.”   I can’t find that version of the video any longer.  Then it was more punk rock Billy Idol would be up there Dancing with myself, and White Wedding.

And it wasn’t just New Wave/Punk Rock Bands making videos, but rock bands such as Van Halen.  Frontman, David Lee Roth, was a natural for making videos.  My favorite intro ever, is him in a medicine man Headdress at a gas-n-mini mart.  I believe it was the Yankee Rose Video,  With the famous line

“Gimme a bottle of anything, and a glazed donut…to go!”

And we can’t leave out rap music, RUN DMC – and they paired up with Aerosmith to make their version of Walk This Way.

In Billy Idol’s book, he talks about how he was coming up with a lot of great artists, and in fact, he and Siouxsie used to hang out when they were teens and just making names for themselves.  And he talked about how if anyone was going to make it, they were forced to do these videos as they were the future and only way to really make it in the industry. The original White Wedding Video MTV refused to play until it was a toned down a bit.

Wow, so much happened during the 80’s decade, and The Passenger is a perfect way to sum it up, it was a great ride!


22 thoughts on “Love them 80’s – Siouxsie Sioux and Banshees – Passenger

  1. I can’t imagine MTV crap of today.. With that of original MTV.. Oh music was well music.. 80s the rise of music and late 90s the death.. Were you still crazy for flip flops back then?

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    1. Yes – I’ve lived in Southern California all my life and it rarely rains. So outside of school grounds… sandals or flops. Oh, gasp – so sad – I’m moving to Bend, OR where there are actual seasons. I guess I won’t be able to wear them every day!

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    2. So rename your blog to Flip Flop Some day(pun intended). So you were the original cool….Hah.. Siouxsie Sioux.. Great taste.. Great post..

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    3. Don’t you miss it? (assuming you are familiar with those artists) I miss the days of concerts you could afford … lining up outside Music Plus or Tower Records – hoping to get a wristband before they ran out …hoping the number drawn was in front of your number and praying that you were close enough to get tickets before they sold out. Go up to the counter and paying only like $40 for ticket (but you always bought the max 4 – collected from everyone to cover your other friends – whoever had the best wrist band number) – of course, I was too young to see these particular artists when they were first in their hey-day…my tickets were for Depeche Mode, The Cure, B52s, Janes Addiction, Oingo Boingo…but I did see them years later – even older – still rockin’ it. Siouxie (seen twice), Billy (seen twice) and Adam Ant (seen twice) – all rock still! So does Joan Jett (I love Rock N Roll) – interesting fact – I grew up in San Gabriel Valley and Joan Jett actually attended the high school I eventually attended (Covina High) in early 80’s – I graduated in 1990. The science teacher remembered her – oh she would show up once in a while and then dropped out. (yeah, because that’s when I love Rock N Roll hit the big time) She also wanted to live in the proper valley – San Fernando…in an interview she basically made a negative remark about our area. The same place where Motley Crue- Vince Neal and Tommy Lee were from! Ha! 🙂

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    4. Ouch.. So many Legends mentioned in a single post.. To tell you the truth I basically was not interested in music…. My father still was and still is.. So i would always hear him praising Abba and Boney M…But if you were growing up in 80s and you say like I don’t know what the craze around music is…Everyone would look at you like you were an alien.. Including your own Father.. Oh come on, Its just music.. You are an idiot.. But I would always say it in a straightforward manner.. Reminding myself of Joan Jett.. Bad Reputation..

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    5. Abba! 🙂 Dancing Queen!

      sorry – yes- realized I put too many things in that comment. Oh, well. I was missing it this morning. They closed down the Irvine Meadows this past year – where Oingo Boingo did their Halloween concerts. So many changes…and not all good. 😦

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    6. My Father is a big fan.. And I am like it is just music Dad.. and he said you don’t understand art.. No don’t say sorry.. I loved it.. Each and every word.. Memories flashed before my eyes.. And if you don’t like the changes.. Remember Its a dead man’s party.. Who could ask for more and Dance..

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    7. THAT’S RIGHT! Hahahah. I so love Danny Elfman. One talented guy. I loved all his music for the shows/movies. Tales from the Crypt. All those Tim Burton darker animated movies. Love ’em all.


    8. Tales from the Crypt.. Oh brought back so many memories.. Could you imagine someone doing that now.. Oh! I feel sorry for today’s generation, they missed it all…Even the cartoons, Especially Cartoons…


    9. Cartoons were well Cartoons, Music was well Music, Food was well food. I am now missing the good old days.. Even if that time left me with scars.. I at least knew Calvin and Hobbes..

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    10. and CANDY – don’t forget the awesome break outs of NERDS, Now and Laters (watermelon), and the time when Bubble Yum and Hubba Bubba split their gum in half with different flavors – Strawberry Banana (YUM) Watermelon and something. The watermelon was green.

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    11. They are…but one day, a couple years back, the one those icecream trucks came around the baseball fields and they had them! (Probably from Mexico) – and I couldn’t resist (they were one of the less expensive items) and bought some for the kids. In Orange County, you should have seen the looks I got from the other mothers. Funny thing, my husband and I aren’t smokers. We grew up in a home where both sets of parents smoked – but not us. So, I let the kids play with them. My son and daughter can’t stand the smell of the real ones – so there was no harm. They thought it was funny…and they were good minty things vs. those Fun sticks – sugar sticks that you dip into kool aid powder…or the outrageous prices of the ice creams.

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    12. Seriously what are the kids eating these days.. No idea.. None whatsoever. And never touched a cigarette in my life.. Funny thing is no one even offered me one.. Yeah I was.. No I am wierd..


    13. Ouch.. Please tell my father about the other word.. The truth is It is now part of my identity.. And i have accepted it.. And don’t think you can get away with calling yourself a Commoner.. You too are different.. And I mean it in an appreciative manner.. No offence..

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    14. It’s okay not to be into music. I have NO CLUE what my kids are listening to…outside of Lady Gaga or recent Green Day. I don’t really listen to anything anymore. If I do, it’s Spotify to listen to past bands. So these other artists – my daughter tells me about, seriously, I’m like “who’s that?”

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