Crap, Crap, and more Crap

A couple of days ago…Finding boxes of old Kodak photos, and film. Aggravated, she seems to be getting nowhere on the **reduce, reduce, reduce** project!

Frustrated wife:

“OMGawd….too much CRAP!   Why?”

Confused husband, scratching his head and looking at stacks of photos from his college days, half over-exposed film.

“Yeah, how did we accumulate so much shit?”


Uh, I married you. (mad laughter)


“And you were so lucky… (kisses wife on forehead)

…Lucky that we live in confined space, and that I don’t have even more.  Just think, if we lived in the Midwest, I would have sheds full of things…”


“…Oh, and by the way, did you come across the large bin of baseball cards yet?  They are in the garage too.”


“Are they worth any thing?”


“To me.”




9 thoughts on “Crap, Crap, and more Crap

  1. Did this incident happened just now? I could totally see it happening.. Hilarious… Oh crap I too have to move my stuff.. Bye for now..


    1. Say Hi to your husband from me. I really got to hustle today.. OK.. Keep your post coming.. Goodbye for now..


    1. I fear if we do that, my husband will go outside one day (to the shed) and never return. Kids go find your father – and then THEY don’t return either! (that’s a new plot for a horror movie waiting)

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