Kinda like Scooby Snacks, but the human version.  We were huge Scooby-Doo fans, so when we had children, this was our version of that phrase…long before a product was produced on the market shelves.

I laughed when today’s Daily Prompt was revealed, as my life revolves around this word.  Not me, personally, but anyone who has children.  Their mental-well-being depends on them having a big bag of snacks available at all times! (and those that grocery shop as the other parent’s child is crying…depend on you and that word too)

That whole “shopping” while someone has a screeching child…I don’t understand some parents’ mentality.  Typically, that child is between 1-3 years old.  Why do you continue to shop?  How can you even think?  I would end up with a basket full of strange things. (oh, cow tongue, uh gizzards, um weird-looking puffy-cheeto type thing – dinner – done – let’s get outta here)

Everyone in the entire store is covering their ears because you have taken a child that doesn’t want to be there or clearly needs  sustenance.

When my children were young…I knew I had 30 minutes tops to shop, and I always had a plethora of snacky-snacks wherever we went!  How can you expect to walk up and down aisles, where your baby can see all these items, and not get frustrated because you aren’t offering them something?  The shelf in your house vs. the shelf at the grocery store, doesn’t have an impact on a 1 year old’s mind.  They see food, and they are hungry.  And you are shopping during snack time.

Usually, to a toddler…everything can be made rosey again, by producing a snack.  They roll it around in their fingers.  They put it in their mouth and sometimes eat it or pull it back out (half dissolved) to show to the next shopper.  In fact, Gerber makes these dissolving STARS that are awesome!

“Oh, that looks num-nummers!  Snacky-snack time!”

Then the child offers the gooey, slobbery, thing on their finger to that person.  (oh, no thank you, but you eat it- please, eat it!)

I’m telling you, we figured it out quickly as young parents.  DO ANYTHING to stop the child from screeching while shopping.  And food, typically, did the trick.  It kept them busy, and some items made it to their stomach so they weren’t hungry.  It kept them content…and thus, us happy, and other shoppers around us relieved for the quiet.  After we realized this, we always had a ton in our bag.  And we had this nifty gadget, with soft plastic opening.  A lid where the child could grab 1 item, without spilling the contents.  My son was, at first, afraid to put his hand in there…but once he saw me do it and pull out a yum-yum…oh, wait!  Gimme that.


My kids are now 13 and 11, and still love their snacks.  In fact, they want to eat all the pre-package items for a meal, because they are too lazy to make a sandwich or peel open a clementine.  Whoa!  Wait a minute, dude – those cost a lot – stop eating them all!  Make a sandwich!  (why, mom?  That requires effort…uh!)


3 thoughts on “Snacky-Snacks

  1. Food cost money. You must be kidding.. The shelves and the refrigerator automatically fills up the goods. And no sandwich unless you make them..


    1. Could you imagine each time you finished a shelf item in the fridge, you just pushed a button and a new bag of cherries would materialize? Of course, your credit card would be charged…and then you’d find yourself in more debt because the kids won’t stop ordering!


    2. Introitus of Mozart requiem being played.. For your credit card.. And Of course…those remaining snacks your kids are devouring….

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