Selling Mixed Feelings



Want some?

I stared at the Santa magnets on the floor with ,many other items.

In this whole “reducing” to make our BIG move happen…I was always taught to gather my unwanted things and give to the GOODWILL.  Over the years, with my mom, we gave away well-made clothes in new condition. Anything too faded or tattered, was disposed of, but old clothes that no longer fit, etc.   Off they went.   My mom felt those less-fortunate, were receiving a nice donation, at a cost they could afford.

As I began my journey in young adult life, I recall walking into Goodwills to find something for a Halloween costume, and depending on what city you are in, was amazed to find what JUNK people gave away…now, I know the adage,

“One man’s junk, is another man’s treasure.”

But I was always taught, this store was for the less-fortunate.  And they want decent clothing and miscellaneous items too.  But I also know, there were treasures to  meet our needs for whatever, as long as you hunt for it. But those nasty slip-on-shoes, flattened and stretched out with sweat stains inside because they wore barefoot.  Ew.

Later in life, now married and with kids, there’s always some function at school they are doing.  A one-time event requiring a particular type of wear.  The one musical concert, the Colonial day.  Something, we parents don’t want to pay TOP DOLLAR for a brief event – something the kids will never wear again…or a white pillow case to decorate the faux human/student at their desk during Halloween.  GOODWILL is the perfect place to shop for this type of item.  And the Goodwill in our current, Orange County neighborhood, has fantastic things.  New.  Not junk.

**I figured out, it’s all in what the surrounding community is feeding into the store…and this area is more affluent.  The Lake Forest Goodwill center, is the best I’ve ever been in.***

…and because this particular location receives so many quality items, they aren’t always CHEAP.  I felt slapped in the face on some of the ticketed items.  Wait a minute, this should be $2.00.  Not $20.00

However,  whenever my kids grew out of items, if I didn’t donate to the single mom next door, who’s daughter is a couple years younger, then I packed up for GW.   All other items, straight to GW.  It got rid of things I no longer wanted, quickly.  But  a part of me, always cringed.

Some of those things were AWESOME.  And we paid several $$.  I think I’ve estimated what I’ve given away these past two months…about $400 value.  (maybe more)  I often thought, I should be capturing some money for this.  But, I don’t do the Craig’s List thing.  (My hubby will from time to time, for concert tickets we’re not using, or selling our dryer – that sort of thing)

Which leads me to FACEBOOK.  There was one site I was watching my friends get on called OC Sell my Stuff – South.  A site someone local to my area created, where it’s an online yardsale/swap kind of thing – strictly for the area we live.  My first attempt was successful, selling a “lot” (8 shorts, and 4 were reversible – so essentially 12 pairs of shorts) for $20.00.  Size 12-14.    People were all over that.

I quickly learned, in general, they want everything for nothing.  When that statement is made, we all nod our head as we’ve heard it before…yet, when you actually see situations play-out, you are always amazed at what other people expect or try to get “away” with…

That’s a post for another day…this one was just the intro, my transitioning from automatic Goodwill drop-off, to actually selling some items myself (for a minimal amount) garage/yard sale style – via individual electronic transactions.

…to be continued in next post.


16 thoughts on “Selling Mixed Feelings

  1. So you are donating.. And hunting..And than selling…Takes a lot of effort and time. Well thanks technological advances, at least selling part could be done with a click of mouse..

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    1. My husband comes home, so what did you do today? You’re kidding right? I’m reducing, selling what I can, giving away other stuff, packing, trying to coordinate fun things for kids to entertain during break so they don’t lie on their bed or couch all day. (which can’t cost much money)..figure out what we are going to have for dinner (this gets tedious – um chicken or chicken?) and then cook and present in different manner. Oh, and now get kids up to treadmill at the complex gym to practice running for the 4th of July city 5k you signed them up for….not to mention be the ref between the two and protect the dog they antagonize all day long. Oh, and answer the occasional Customer Service call or add new account…But, instead of saying all that…I simply reply “Oh, nothing.”

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    2. Let me give you an honest advice from a male standpoint of view, “Never say nothing”, we are idiots in taking things literally. No i honestly mean it.


    3. Ha! My husband knows what I do…hahahah. Because when I say “ah, nothing” it’s completely sarcastic while I raise my eyebrows, roll my eyes, and motion to the chaos we are living in. He knows. He is just checking to see what “crazy” thing happened (out of the ordinary) or my perspective….I always have a story to tell!

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    4. Well you sure do have a story to tell. Everyone knows it..Everyone..You just said in the post.. To be continued in the next post.. Remember..


    5. You know, it’s funny – my friends in high school, they always loved hearing my “Sandi Stories.” Because I always saw things in a different way… “Oh, my gawd you guys….guess what!” The normal always made more interesting.

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    6. Agreed but don’t underestimate your skills. I wrote a recent post today(Struggle) and thought, well where is the fantasy in it, where is the oomph and than thought Hell, with it. Its normal, doesn’t mean it’s uncool..

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  2. Every few months, I load a couple of big black garbage bags of clothes into the truck and drop it off at the Salvation Army. And every time I do this I wonder, where does all this stuff come from. This, I will never figure out.

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    1. I think there’s some spell happening, and items multiply. Whereas, other items, like a pair of socks – one always goes missing. Why is that? I’ve officially convinced myself there’s one of those Harry Potter Dobby’s messing with me. Some Pixie playing a prank. Total logical. conclusion..


  3. I just finished reading Marie Kondo’s book “The Life-Changig Magic of Tidying Up.” Because of this, I’ve donated 30 bags of stuff to either the shelters or the base thrift store. I’ve let the kids pick a handful of things that they wanted to try to sell. But, like you said, people want them for free or don’t show up when they are supposed to pick up. Sometimes, it’s not worth the stress! But, I like the kids to earn a little money and learn about that process. I also love to shop at Goodwill and I’m surprised at the variety we can find there. Anything from those nasty flat shoes you showed to some brand new Micheal Kors tops with the tags still attached. It’s like a treasure hunt some days!


  4. I’ve been working on reducing my things – I’ve got about 10 boxes headed to Goodwill or somewhere similar (just as soon as I put everything in my car and take them over there).

    Of course, this would work better if I didn’t do things like pick a really awesome, old-timey fan up off of the curb while on a walk with Choppy, like I did yesterday. But it is really, really cool – like, so cool I would base an entire decorating scheme off of it – and am planning to do just that for my office!

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  5. I have friend who’s in the process of moving and trying to de-clutter. She’s going to have a yard sale, and is taking a bunch of stuff to Goodwill. She keeps offering me things like movies and books, but I just don’t have the space. I de-cluttered a lot last year and gave tons of stuff to Goodwill — including a set of encyclopedias from the 1980s. With the Internet, I figured I probably wouldn’t be using them often for reference tools. 😐

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    1. Oh, yes, that how we did our research for projects and reports – we had a set of encyclopedias too! I don’t know what my mom did with those – actually- she doesn’t have a computer so those are in a closet some where she can still reference them. Tell your friend to check Facebook too – if they are on there. In my area, there are like 5 “market-place” like sell groups. I have had some success.

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