Is there a Word Wheel for that one?


Yesterday, I did something silly.

I work for a company that builds event webpages for schools when they have their fundraisers, like jog-a-thon, spell-a-thon, Math-a-thon – basically anything with an “athon” behind it, they contact us.

I help with customer service when events are active, as well as, setting up new sites.  When we set up the site, the school’s logo is inserted.  This one was a Leopard.  However, when I first glanced at it, I kept pronouncing it (in my head) as

“Leo – Pard”  (wait! what? that doesn’t make sense. – looking again – clearing the cobwebs from the brain)

“Oh, it’s a big cat.  Leopard!”  DUH.

Taa Daa! The wonderful ME in my Leotard!

Then that got me to thinking, why (in the world?) would I absent-mindedly pronounce it that way?  Maybe because I don’t come across it that often, and because in Southern California, our big cat wildlife are Mountain Lions and Bob Cats.  So, when I wasn’t truly thinking about it, I pronounced like you would Leotard!  “Leo-tard.”

After laughing at myself, I began thinking WHY IS IT that Leotard and Leopard, with only 1 letter difference, are pronounced so differently?  I didn’t see that one on the word wheel.   No wonder English, as a second language, is so difficult to conquer.  Even those having it has their primary language can’t seem to master it.

12 thoughts on “Is there a Word Wheel for that one?

  1. I read the post. And thought I was missing something and than it strike me Oh! Leopard the cat. That Logo was confusing. I read it as Leo-Parts, miss the D completely.

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  2. ugh…don’t get me started on spelling! Ha! I once worked in the Classifieds for the local newspaper. I won an award for the worst spelling mistake in the state (out of all of the newspapers) for selling Chihuahua. Let’s just say….I spelled it with some “w’s”. Oopsie!


  3. When I moved to Almost Iowa, I got a number of compliments on my English but everyone wanted to know what my native language was. When I told them I was born and raised in Saint Paul, they were amazed. “But you speak so well,” they said.


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