Look at what I found!

“Hey, Look at what I found!”

Words I’ve come to despise lately, as it typically means, look what shit we packed away, and there’s so much of it- what would you like to do?

Of course, this is pack-rat behavior of my husband.  Keep every single Christmas card we ever received through the years, whether from over-seas or local!  NO LIE.

An entire box, filled with envelopes and year.  Well, at least, I’m thankful for that.  Some were just in stacks, without an envelope.  CRAP.

“You seriously kept all these?”

“Well, there’s some really cool Christmas cards we received.  And photos we can look at and see how they’ve changed.”

***gritting teeth***

I began tossing the regular cards,  and told him I’d scan the photo ones before tossing so that he wouldn’t be worried over them being disposed.  That way we have them saved.  We had a few 2001, 2002.  A ton of 2003, 2006, 2007 and 2008.  That’s where I left off this evening.  2004, 2005, and 2009 seem to be missing and I fear there’s another box lurking somewhere.

TIP to those families that like to send photo cards – have the damn year printed on them.  Because it’s very aggravating to the person that comes across a stored box, and is faced with a scanning project and has no clue what year the photo was taken.  Let’s go with 2003.

In addition, I found tickets to the Polar Express “north pole” train we took, at Grand Canyon and their newspaper.  2007 letters from Santa to the kids.  (that’s cool) These are keep-sake worthy and I will put in their binders.

AND, we found extra Christmas photos of them – some were “return-to-sender” or just a surplus.  I told my hubby,

“Why don’t we do a ‘retro-card’ and send out the extras we have as a joke this year?  Send grandma and grandpa the 2006 Christmas card!”

I think that would be hysterical.  They would probably be confused.  Who are these kids?  I don’t know who these people are, are they distant cousins?

I’d probably get a text.




11 thoughts on “Look at what I found!

    1. Oh, if you met my mom… you’d be like, she’s a GREAT character, so much blogging material bundled up in a small woman! You’re not telling us enough! (seriously)

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    2. Well knowing your Mom from what I have read before, If I met her, I will probably get my ass kicked. And you will be writing a Get Well Soon Card for me..

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Oh, you give me too much credit – that would have required effort. However, I would have felt obliged to BLOG about said event. And, in a way, send you Get Well soon wishes via a post! A public apology, if you will. So, that’s even better!

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    1. You want to get my ass kicked for a Blog..No way thank you.. But knowing your Mom, She probably would not even tell you about beating your Friend up. So I will end up with nothing.. Except your husband telling me,“Welcome to the Club”..

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