Thanks for helping!

How many of you have rented a moving truck?  The price increases substantially the larger you go, and we have the largest U-Haul truck reserved for our big move – 26 Foot and the idea of moving it down streets make us cringe:

“Um, hon, are you going to  be able to drive that thing?  All the way to Oregon?”

My husband laughed and indicated he wasn’t sure.  When I confirmed if the largest size of truck was truly necessary, again, he shrugged his shoulders. Because, there is NO WAY to establish, until you have everything (or a big portion of everything) stacked in boxes.  Of course, we’d prefer the smaller truck, if possible.

Hence, reduce…reduce…reduce.  EXCEPT, this is the most difficult thing for my hubby to do.  He’s a borderline pack-rat.  Not like the crazy people you see on those shows…but he could be, if he didn’t have me.  While he’s been working (and traveling a great deal) and my job is slow during the summer, primarily this task has fallen on me.

However, the issues I have, is the garage is typically his domain, with clingy dust bunnies and angry black-widow spiders and things too heavy or high for me to reach.  There are some things I was able to work on, but there’s a whole corner/upper cabinets that are all him.  Power tools that I could hurt myself.

Today, I was eagerly anticipating a productive day.  The first weekend we’ve had to actually work together on going through garage items for a few weeks. For the life of me, I couldn’t understand when the last couple of times he was in the garage (by himself), at the end of the day, not a whole lot was accomplished.  Why was that?

TODAY…I found out why.

Because he gets distracted.  And then he plays.  And then he takes a break. And then he decides to keep everything.

I recall last time, finding him riding his bike around…because it had a flat tire (for a year)..which now was the time to fix.  And our son’s hand-me-down bike, is now ready to go to our nephew…but it has to be spruced up first (it looks fine), and there were 2 more bikes to look at (why, they are fine.) Meanwhile, he had to ride his bike in circles some more, and honk a funny old-fashioned horn he added, to establish his tire, was indeed, fixed.

After that, he had to break and watch some soccer on television and enjoy a beer.

So today… I’m trying to sell as much as I can.  We came across the kids’ playchute parachute.  A really fun, colorful product.  We took it out to take photos, and of course, paused to play a bit with it.  (you wouldn’t resist either) My hubby picks up on the nostalgia:

“We could keep it, if you want.  I think we should.”

NO!  We bought it for the kids’ joint birthday party when they were 5 & 3!  They are now 13 and 11.  It’s time for the next preschooler to enjoy.  I was just reminiscing.   On to the next item:

“Okay, are there instructions on how to build the doll house?”

My husband went on FULL ALERT.

“WAIT, we need to keep that!  It’s something we can build.” (seriously, whining in his voice)

OMgawd!  We have a zillion Star Wars Legos we can build!  NO, we don’t need the doll house.  She hasn’t played with it.  (Because we haven’t had it up)...NO, because last time you had it up she was 9 and played with it for 5 minutes.  Then it became a house for dust mites.  She just gave up her dolls recently.  Although this is cool, She is not going to regularly play with a wooden house with wooden stick figures and furniture. And she won’t have space in her room for something of that size!  (I think we should put it together.  Or have the kids put it together, it’s summer, it’ll give ’em something to do.) 


Now, you understand why women just feel the need to do this crap themselves to ensure things get done.  Otherwise, we are going to need two huge U-hauls.  Guess my 13-year-old better be ready to drive the Odyssey.




10 thoughts on “Thanks for helping!

    1. Well I learn two things from your post today..
      1)Military guys are better suited to be husbands.(Blame the weight limits as SD Gates and Jim mention in your comments box)
      2)Knowing the men wouldn’t do any work, Women still expect men to work.
      Life is unfair..

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    2. So unfair! My heart bleeds for them. Meanwhile, the mom has two boxes in the air, a broom in one hand, and using her hip to stir dinner and her toes to pick up that piece of paper she dropped with important notes.


  1. LOL. I’m the opposite after spending 20 years in the AF. we were only allowed just so much weight and if it was over that we either packed out ourselves of “swoosh” off it would go to someone or to a dumpster.

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    1. When I was first young and moving out of my parent’s house…I had various roommate situations that never lasted more than the 1 year lease. I kept reducing each move. My dad joked that I was just going to have a knapsack over my back and be a nomad. There’s something to be said for simplicity, but we also have a lot of fantastic things that we spent a lot of $$ over the years.


  2. Moving is such a nightmare!!!! I spent 18+ years in the military, so every 3 years we were thinning our possessions out so we could meet the weight limits imposed by the military. We haven’t moved in 9 years, and so last year I noticed all the stuff was collecting, so I did clean sweep of the house. Just in case, we decide to move again. Good luck with getting ready for that move!!!!

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    1. My husband said, so the size of the truck is about the size of our garage. Do you think you could get everything in there (and I’m pretty good with spacial matters) – uh, hmmm, I don’t think everything. His solution was, well what doesn’t fit, and is outside of truck/car –
      gets left behind – Wow, that’s a lonnnnng walk for the kids. (all I’m saying)

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