Leave something to the imagination

What illusion are you trying to create?

I’m not a prude.

I believe it’s completely fine for a young woman to show off her attractiveness in sometimes form-fitting dresses , or short-shorts/tight jeans, mini skirts to reflect long legs, tight shirts, a little cleavage, etc. to accentuate her curves.

But I also believe there’s a fine line of how much is too much… and I don’t know if parents are missing the mark, or if these young women just don’t care what their folks say…or a little bit of both.  There is a right time and place for these types of wear and then, in some cases, NEVER A GOOD TIME.

You’re young, and have fit legs.  You might run a lot and want to display your athletic, powerful body.  Those strong legs and killer behind, by all means, some short shorts might be okay if it’s a college/high school gathering/party.   But there’s NEVER an event where you should barely squeeze into something that lets your ass-cheeks hang out.

(unless you are a model – on display at a concert, or the girl on the track at a race car driving event because the job calls for you to stand out magazine style – you’re being paid to be sexy and sell their product)

But for the average day-to-day wear – NO.

Even a little bit more coverage is not good for the heavier girl we saw at the Fair,  she couldn’t have been more than 14, and she constantly tugged them down in back  It didn’t look good.  Did her parents watch her walk out the front door wearing that or did she change when she got there with her friends?

Today, A group of girls (about 17 years old) came to the beach looking like the above photo.  They deposited their stuff right in front of everyone, but squeezed directly in front of us… and bent over to take off their shorts blocking our view of the ocean.    (Come on.)

Of course, my 13-year-old son is looking at the cute girls, but uncomfortable because he’s with a bunch of girls (and his mom) and gets nervous and looks the other way.  My 11-year-old daughter is watching them out of curiosity, making note.  Meanwhile, the rest of us are trying to avert our gazes.  We don’t want to be accused of being weird, but it’s a little difficult not to look their way when they are blocking your view of kids you are watching play in the ocean.  (oh okay, where to look – Let us stare at our feet.)

Then, we saw their bathing suits that resembled more lingerie than swim attire. (like this photo, but lighter and more see through) Although this particular group were attractive, fit girls – please…we don’t want to see all of your goods!  Save that for your private pool parties.  You’re standing in front of a bunch of kids and their parents!

Then another group came and squeezed in front.  Whereas the first group were young and fit, and no cleavage… these two girls were fully figured, with many curves and big boobs.  They wore a form of short-shorts too and boy short bathing suit bottoms and their tops barely held in their cargo.  It didn’t look attractive at all…

There was no where for us to look, not to the right or the left and we couldn’t look straight ahead, because we were seeing their boobs spilling out of their suits.  Ugh.

I took it as a teaching moment, called my daughter and her friends over, “You don’t need to dress that way for attention.  Boys like to have something left to the imagination.  If you let it all hang out, there’s no mystery.  You might give the illusion you’re offering something more.  You can be attractive, wear attractive things, without going too extreme.”

No lie, I saw a girl walking to Jr. high wearing shorts like this to school. Cute.  But then she passed my car.  Too short for school when you barely move and your cheeks pop!  And she was dropped off by her parents.




8 thoughts on “Leave something to the imagination

    1. Again, there’s a time and place and being attractive is fine…but this new trend of letting it ALL hang out (anywhere/anytime) – nope. Not down with that.


    2. I second that.. They want the cloth to CLEAVE to their butt naked skin and we want to CLEAVE their minds(pun intended) to see what the hell is wrong with it..

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  1. I was in the ER the other day, and watched this rather large girl, walk back and forth, with her shorts so short that her butt hung out. It was just…gross. I don’t want to see anyone’s butt, fat or thin. It just shows to me the lack of self-respect these girls have – and when that cellulite-free flesh is gone, they will (in their minds) have nothing. And why aren’t parents saying anything? Where is the parental guidance? Where are the parents?

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    1. One parent told me that is the only style of shorts now sold, and I must admit – yes Old Navy and a few others tend to have a large stock in-house of these style only…but I made it my mission to find athletic skorts for my daughter and had to go online and research and purchase online. You CAN find something else to wear. (they had a limited stock of 3 of the original ones we like – and I snapped those right up!) It might take effort, but please, in today’s world where everything can be bought easily online… Or buy a size (or two) bigger and use the elastic band to sinch-up the waist. They are all too tight, as it is.

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