12 thoughts on “Decisions, Decisions

  1. I am pulling your leg…Basically from a male perspective anything from a cup basically reminds of beans..
    No wonder the women do all the shopping..

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    1. Ha! OMG that’s hilarious (I was teasing back)
      cups…and beans! That made me have a childhood memory with my single dad before he remarried…so funny!

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    1. Seriously, I did buy that one -thinking my (then toddlers) wouldn’t notice a difference. THAT’S YUCKY, mom. Eat it. Then, I took a bite…yup, last time we bought it.

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    2. YES – raisins! For the longest time, my eldest wouldn’t eat those. Now, he has finally given in. It was chicken, broccoli and mac-n-cheese cup. That’s what I had. That’s what they got!


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