Sometimes, you just want to go all KUNG FUey on people

“There is so much wisdom in here, I can’t find anything!” – Master Shifu, Kung Fu Panda 3

This must have been the look the mom gave the ticket booth employee, as she rummaged around her gigantic bag, she called a purse, in search of her wallet. When it was finally found, it then took her time searching for money or a credit card.  Then she paused… leaned back and squinted at the marquee…

The lady to her left,  at the 2nd window, was in a similar state of distraction. Then, she answered her cell phone, and began inquiring how many tickets she should purchase.  There was a 5 minute discussion.  I shook my head and thought,

What is going on here?   Maybe you should have written it down on a piece of paper? You waited in the same line I did, for 15 minutes and you don’t know what you’re seeing? –  Let me help you out… there’s only 2 options.  The latest Ice Age or Kung Fu Panda 3- both at 10AM.  No other movies are playing this early.

I don’t know why I shake my  head.  I should be able to over-look these things because they are so common to this particular area of California.  Orange County, where we currently live, a large population is so self-serving, it’s unbelievable.  I don’t like to use the word “everyone” because, that would be untrue.  There are several kind, conscientious people (like our family) that try to be aware of others.  However, OC in general… (shaking my head)

It’s the first week of summer break, meaning the “almost-free” $1.00  movies start – classic animation movies showing at only 1 local theater.  It’s good, cheap, fun.  (important word – cheap, cuz everything in Orange County costs more than it should – and I do mean the word “everything” – not using it lightly.)

Obviously, because there are fantastic movies that cover a wide range of ages, this activity (particularly in the heat) brings not only families, but there’s always a bus in the parking lot for those summer camp activities.  People of all ages are coming to see their favorite movies, in air conditioning, which means crowds.  Lines.

We all want to get in the movie and find a seat, hopefully with those that you came to meet and before the feature commences.  When we stand in the ticket booth line, I’m teaching my kids to be “ready:”

  • Be ready with your allowance money
  • Know what you are going to see (the name of the movie)
  • Know what time
  • When agent is free, walk up and smile at them, and tell them how many tickets
  • Give the money, take your ticket (change) and  say thank you (remember to smile)
  • Quickly move out of the way, put your change into pocket off to the side so the next person can advance

SIMPLE.  And quick.  And courteous to those behind you.

One of the moms finally got it together, walked off, the next transaction commenced and the person that just completed her purchase, returned to the window, interrupted the current transaction, to ask a question she forgot.  Now, times this by each person in front of you in line.  OMGawd!  Are you serious?  20 minutes later, we got to the window.

(side note:  my 13 year old did his own transaction using his allowance, and my 11 year old did her own transaction in seconds!  Having them practice independence)

People, how difficult is it to be ready, wallet in hand?  Fortunately, I didn’t go all Kung FUey on you, you and YOU…mainly because I’d probably strain a muscle and hurt myself.


9 thoughts on “Sometimes, you just want to go all KUNG FUey on people

    1. Of course these people exist everywhere!

      But, it’s more prevalent in affluent areas, such as South Orange County and beach areas (Laguna Beach, Newport Beach, Aliso Viejo, etc)

      it’s particularly bad in this region especially those that were born/raised here and had $$ and been entitled all their lives.

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  1. So you are saying that you didn’t go all Kung fu because YOU were worried about straining yourself..?
    What happened to the calmer Sandi of the earlier post?
    Now I see why you said you husband was a Saint.. God have mercy on his soul..

    Liked by 1 person

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