Today’s daily prompt’s word is “Loop”

I laughed, because I certainly have felt like our family has been on one continuous loop.  In fact, when I first think of the word loop, I hear that song in my head, you know:

“Here we go, loop de loop….ah, he we go loop de lie!  Here we go loop-de-loop…alllll on a Saturday night!”

We have been trying for years to move out of the grand state of California.  But it seems every time we’ve tried to make that transition, something has happened.

When our son was 13 months old, we purchased our first property.  A two bedroom / 2 bath condo in Orange County at very high end of $375k, with the idea that we’d sell it in 5 years, and graduate into a house.  After a year of being there, we had our second child.  The kids shared a room, no biggie, while they were infant/toddler.

At the 5 year mark, we were ready to join my father-in-law in Bend, OR, as he retired there and when we visited, we loved it!  Great family place to raise the kiddos.  However, that’s the time the market crashed.  (fantastic) and like so many, we found ourselves “upside down” in our loan, owing much more than property was currently worth.

Many neighbors jumped ship, they just stopped paying their mortgage, let the property foreclose and lived there until they were kicked out – that process took about a year.  A year of rent-free / mortgage-free living.  Although your credit took a beating, it was very tempting when just trying to survive.  Yet, we decided to “stick-it-out” and hope the market would turn-around soon.

It didn’t.  And then we both were laid off from work.  Yet, somehow, we kept paying our mortgage.  However, our credit cards then sky rocketed, because that’s how we were buying the groceries, paying for gas, etc.

We got jobs again, me doing a lot of temp work as many companies have decided they no longer want employees they have to provide benefits to or want to get rid of, at a moments notice, without facing legal issues.  Just use a temporary staffing agency.  So I’d get stuck in these temp jobs for 2 years…until I’d get fed up and leave after hearing promise-after-promise they plan to hire me – some day in some undetermined future.

My husband’s sales job is a region sales position that covers the West Coast, he requested permission to move out of CA to Bend…his then company, said that was too “remote” and agreed to Boise, ID.

With that said, we upgraded the condo to sell at higher price (we didn’t have that kind of money, but figured it out) – yes – all was good…our open house was a Saturday…and the Tuesday before, my husband gets a call that they laid him off!  They knew in December, before we did all the upgrades on our condo – but didn’t want to give us bad news over the holiday, so they waited!  (thanks for screwing us.)

Loop-back around (not moving now)

SO we went through with the condo sell – fortunately sold for $412, 500.  Although grateful to have it sell for more, most of the extra cash went toward the upgrades, and some of those upgrades went on our credit card!  (great, more debt)

We lived in a hotel for 2 weeks.  My husband was blessed with a new job within a month.  We got in a temporary apartment, with expectations to still move out of state (his new job didn’t mind us going to the Pacific Northwest) However, they wanted him to stay and train a year!  Okay, now we’re staying in this apartment longer than expected.  (sigh)

Loop – back around…

Are we ever going to make it out of here?  YES, we are!  His work has stayed true to their agreement.  In fact, they are ready for us to get moving, as they need the office space for their new inside sales rep.  They need my hubby out in the field!  And best thing, we can go to Bend OR, as originally planned!

We’ve purchased a house!  And we’ll be moving end of August!  (HOPE)  I’m ready to break that round-n-round record!  It’s only 10 years later, but dang it, we’re making it! Now, we just have huge cc debt to pay off – and moving is the first step!


7 thoughts on “Loop-de-looped

  1. You know what I really like about this post? Just like your blog name you were relaxed in your demeanour. I could literally feel your calm attitude in the post.
    Best of all although you use word like like.. Thanks for screwing us over.. Never once I hear you blaming others. Its like,

    The world:-“Things are bad.. ”

    You:-” So what”?

    Man, your husband is one lucky man. Take care of yourself and your family..


    1. Thank you for visiting and what a compliment! By the way, you are mistaken: my hubby has to deal with me all the time (and my crazy antics) – he’s more of a saint! I can only be calm about this now, because the worst has happened, and we’re “beyond” or almost “beyond” that now…or I can at least see the light, it’s probably the sun reflecting off our credit card debt. 🙂


  2. As i said your calmness in reflected in your post. Everyone writes but very few express.
    For me your post literally reflected your emotions. It was as if you were standing right in front of me and telling me these things.
    Great work.. Keep writing..

    Liked by 1 person

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