Dye ‘ing for a new do

Isn’t this pretty? And it’s so bouncy!

It all started when we hired two soccer gals, that played professionally in the UK, to inspire my Sammy-do.

They were on summer vacation, and returned to one of the gal’s home town of Mission Viejo.  They came out to help with our club soccer team, as the coach was once her coach and he trained her through to a college scholarship.  They were offering private lessons on the side, to help support them for the summer.

Zaneta “Z” Wyne

The girl, from Mission Viejo, loved to do fun things with her hair.  Different colors, side shavings.  Off center parts, no parts.  She even had a different name that was difficult to remember and went by the cool nickname or letter only of “Z”

…And Z would put zig-zag lines into the side of head or back of… and of course, these are amazing soccer players and fun to hang out with – good role models.  They returned to the UK for the next soccer season.  (I’ll blog more on them another time)

She really dyed her hair blue

THEN… our closest, long-time friends, from pre-school days, have been into extreme hair the last two years.  Fortunately for them, they are both blonde – one being platinum.  So, any color works easily enough for them with minimal effort.  This year, they started shaving sides and back of head, as well.

My daughter, has been wanting to do this and I always told her we couldn’t because her hair wasn’t blonde and I didn’t want to ruin her hair with stripping it, etc.  Plus, she wasn’t ready for extreme cuts.  However, this year, I finally said “Ok.”

“Ok, what exactly?  What do I get to do and when do I get to do it?”

We might take it a little higher next time or pointed in V shape

I told her we were fine with her shaving a portion “under” her longer hair so when she pulls it up, she has the short edge in the back.  And maybe, I’d consider dying a small section.

The last 3 months of school, after I told her ok…it was a constant… when? When, momma?  I finally told her…when summer begins…well, I made good on that promise.

Today we went, and I refuse to do coloring myself as I don’t want to ruin my child’s hair.  I’d rather have it professionally done, and glad I did.  Yes, I paid a lot – but it’s a good cut, a great color, and well-blended, suits her face and should last the summer (depending on how much swimming in chlorine is done) – And as it fades, it will become bronze, then light brown, and back to brown… that’s the key – those doing koolaid or other temporary colors, those fade quickly.

Originally, she wanted dark Blue – the kind you can see in the sun only – but that still required bleaching her hair first…this red, did not.  Interesting!

Yes, my husband would just DIE over how much the Dye job cost – but our daughter has been dying to have a bit of a cutting-edge.  She is getting older (sigh)

But does look pretty dang amazing. And the happiness she is beaming, just makes it look even more fantastic!

Today, my 11-year-old she loves me.  I’ll return to being “monster” mom tomorrow…but today, I’m awesome!  (and when I’m paying my credit card bill, I will remind her of that extreme awesomeness)


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