Moving on up

New home - living room and kitchen

Yes, folks – it’s been about a year since I’ve been active on my blog.  I had a large WordPress Family, and when I fell off…some others fell off, as well.  A couple/few of you I’ve reached out and you’re still actively posting.  Hurrah, for that…cuz, I didn’t want to start fresh.  You know my stories that are all true, for the most part, with slight embellishments to make them entertaining occasionally…but for the most part, were 100% authentic.  I can’t make some of that stuff up…I’m not that creative.

Here’s what happened in a nutshell:  About a year ago, we upgraded and sold our condo and were laid off from work all simultaneously!  We lived in a hotel for 2 weeks until we could get “what-we-thought-was-temporary” apartment.  In Orange County, CA – South Orange County is a highly coveted place to live, so rentals…especially 3 bedrooms, are difficult to come by as everything is 2 bedroom.  Or you can find some, but they are $3,300/month!

Fortunately, my hubby found a new job within a month’s time, based in Huntington Beach, which was a nice change since his Regional Sales Manager type of job, the last two companies were based in New Jersey and that was difficult not having a home base to pop into.  The new company expected my hubby to remain local for a year to train!  So, we ended up stuck in apartment life – that has had it’s ups and downs (stories for other days) – but for most part.  OK.

Now, that my hubby has just past his year anniversary with Blue-White Industries, they have hired an “inside sales rep,” and they keep asking him when he wants to begin his new territory in the Pacific Northwest…hahaha, we have to wait until the kiddos are out of school.

Well…last Friday, was the last day of school, and then Saturday was the Company picnic at Six Flags Magic Mountain (hot as heck) and Father’s Day, my husband  hopped on a flight to Atlanta (yikes, that’s hot) for a trade show.

Meanwhile, I’m living in boxes, and killing bugs that made some great homes in those said boxes.  I’ve either bruised, or pulled tendon in my right foot, so it hurts to step on full weight on the heel and sometimes down right so painful…I can’t walk at all!  So I’m trying to balance and hobble.  I look ridiculous.  But, I’m getting things done!

We have to be completely ready to turn in the keys August 23rd, as we’re moving on up to Bend, OR!  In a house…that’s being built brand new, as there was a community that was started and never completed during the slow months.  Now a new builder is completing the homes…and we got one!

Here is the virtual video of what our place with look like.  Of course, this is the model home, which we will have some upgrades, but not all these.

We are moving before school starts in that area, which presents a problem since our home won’t be completed until Oct. / Nov.  So we talked to another home owner that VRBOs her home, and she was willing to arrange short-term lease and adjust pricing!  Super cute place, and we can just put our stuff in storage!

Okay – back to boxes!  How can we have so much?  We only had a two bedroom condo!





7 thoughts on “Moving on up

    1. Hahahah – “on my feet” – hahahah – because I have an injured right heel – and I’m having a tough time of it. How are you! I’ll swing by in a minute!


  1. I almost broke out in tears when I saw a new post from the legendary writer flipsflopseverday! Now I know why you were on sabbatical! Bend, OR I’m sure will be a change of pace from Cali.

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