Who’s flying this dang thing

DelaysFacebook post to my husband

All right my GRRRS, who was tortured by Southwest airline?

First of all, let me preface this by stating, they are a great airline.  My husband is in sales and has been using them for years.  I’ve had past great experiences.  And we will continue to use them.  But this whole ordeal…

My poor husband.  Last week, he had to fly from Orange County, CA to Oakland (San Francisco area) for business.  Then he rented a car and drove up to Sacramento and was going to fly home after his meeting .  During that time, Southwest had their computer “glitch.”

For those that don’t travel, watch the news, or read newsfeeds and may have missed Southwest’s announcement, they had a “glitch” that forced them to cancel ALL their flights.  Here’s a link to their facebook page

Now, I don’t know about you, but the word “glitch” seems to allow people to think a small blip.  A little oopsy-do.  Definition of Glitch:

a sudden, usually temporary malfunction or irregularity of equipment 

So a temporary malfunction, well the damage it caused was not very temporary, but actually extended several days and almost a week.   The cancellation of one flight, is no biggie.  To cancel a region, that’s a little alarming.  However,  to shut down entirely , across the nation, because you can’t get “crews” in place, and someone to pilot a plane, is pretty monumental!  Especially when flights are cancelled for several days!

So, my husband was expected back around 9pm on Thursday evening.  He called to tell me his flight had been cancelled and that he couldn’t get another flight until 6PM on Friday.  Therefore, I told him,

“You must be stuck there for a reason.  (1) buy a lotto ticket in that area.  (2) see another few customers on Friday, someone might have a BIG sale for you.”

Friday arrived, and around 6pm, my husband happily reported by text,

“There is movement.  A pilot is ‘piloting’ the plane.  I can see my flight has made it into Las Vegas, but is delayed 3 hours.  So instead of leaving Sacramento at 6pm, it will be more like 9pm”

BUT, because John Wayne Airport (in Orange County) where we live, has  CURFEW of 10pm, they ended up canceling his flight at 8:30PM.   So his option was to stay another night with a flight on Saturday, but risk having the same thing happen, or drive home.  He needed to be home because he was leaving the following week for Arizona.

mustang rentalSo he got another rental, and posted photo to Facebook.  I had to tell him,

“No tickets, please.”



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