Moving, not moving, moving…

Moving, not moving, movingI have no idea if any of my old blogging pals are around – we all take breaks here and there and I’ve been gone 4/5 months now.  So, there isn’t much expectation that anyone will comment on this blog post as I’ve somewhat fallen off the grid.

I didn’t mean to get on here today.  I only did because I am trying to research places to live and needed a place to organize, and was thinking of creating a new blog specifically for me and my hubby only for purpose of deciding just where to relocate.

But, then why bother with an entirely new site?  Why not just create a category for the area I’m researching.  Then again, my next several (several) posts will be all about Oregon, Washington or Idaho… and that might just bore the heck out of any remaining readers I may have!

So, what’s my purpose?  What am I going to do?  I dunno yet.

Here’s the latest 10 things on me:

(1) we sold our condo 1st day we had our open house in Orange County, CA

(2) We planned to move to Meridian (Boise), ID this summer once kids were on school summer break.

(3)  Just as we were about to have our open house, my husband was laid off from his job and that severely affected our plans to move out-of-state.  You don’t relocate to ID to go look for a job.  You move there when you have a decent job and cost of living is lower there.

(4)  My husband was able to get new job fairly quickly, but is based out of Huntington Beach, CA.  Same type of job, sales for West Coast.  They don’t mind him moving to the Pacific North West “some day.”

(5) Keywords from #4… “some day!”  Which is not now, and our short-term apartment lease (that we never intended to have) is up in August…because we were not planning on staying!  But, job said they aren’t ready for my hubby to leave CA yet.

(6)  My hubby’s job doesn’t seem so keen on having him leave (ever??) but they keep telling us “not now, but soon” and I have no IDEA if we are going to get out of here next summer like our new plan is… which means:

(7) YEAH, we are signing on a year’s lease at the apartment we never wanted.  And we are no longer zoned for the school my son was supposed to attend for 7th grade.  Now we got that drama… (shit)

(8)  Which brings me to, what the hell are we going to do?  Are we moving or not?  Also, his new job might not be keen on the original plan.  My hubby doesn’t want something hotter than CA.  ID has hotter summers.  Bend, OR where my in-laws live, is not near enough a metropolis.  It needs to be more Portland/Seattle/Boise areas to please the boss.

(9)  I don’t like Portland, the main city anyway.  (and anywhere near there is not necessarily cheap) and Seattle areas, many rentals are near what we are paying now…which brings me to:

(10) Damn it all to hell, now I’m over-whelmed with having to research cities within an hours drive to Portland Airport, or Seattle’s Airport.  That’s a lot of cities.  I don’t want to screw up and relocate to somewhere I hate.

No, I don’t feel over-whelmed at all.  So, what’ new with you?



20 thoughts on “Moving, not moving, moving…

  1. Since you’ve been gone the snow and ice has melted in Minnesota, my garden went in and is growing, it’s hot here, I turned another year older and no vacation for me this year due to taxes.


    1. HI, JIM! First of all, happy belated birthday! Hope that garden is bountiful! Great that the cold/ice is gone as I know how much you detest that. However, I can’t imagine the heat (humidity) can be all that terrific. BOOOOOOO on no vacation. I’m sorry about that! We haven’t vacationed either (In fact, we didn’t have a home for a bit – 10 days of hotel living because the apartment wasn’t ready…but it wasn’t a luxury. There was no fun being had.) So we can all be miserable in positive, funny way! 🙂 Yea for us!


  2. Hello, I am glad to see you back. I am sorry about the moving / not moving stuff going on. The pacific northwest is beautiful. I don’t blame you for wanting to move there. I would go back in a heartbeat. I absolutely love Portland. My son and I lived there for a couple of years, My sister and her family still do. If you have a time line for going and are considering the Portland area at all, I might be able to put you in touch with her. She could possibly be a pair of eyes and check locations out for you.


    1. I believe you have told me your name in the past, and I’m so sorry, I didn’t it write it down! Can you please share you name with me again? (or nickname) it can be made up, just need something to call ya! 🙂 We can’t be friends if we can’t acknowledge one another by name!

      Did you live in Portland proper? or one of the suburbs? My husband said I wouldn’t like any neighborhood in Portland, but more like Hillsboro, Tigard, or across the water to Camas, WA. I guess the “newer” communities?

      Please, do suggest areas. My husband’s work told us to “put off” moving right now. So we have to remain here another year. (lease, and school starting) But, we are researching a few areas right now. In the meantime, SELL ME ON Portland, baby! I have to find (2) cities I like within driving distance to Portland airport and (2) cities within driving distance to Seattle airport (we already know which we like for Boise, ID) so when his work gives permission, and agree to an area, we know where we want to go…

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    2. I don’t know that I ever did tell you my name Sandi. I was blogging for the better part of a year before I felt comfortable enough to give personal information. (I don’t trust easily) My Name is Sharon and I did live in Portland for a while. I love big cities and absolutely LOVE Portland! It has a very unique vibe to it. Very 1960’s kind of feeling. There is a big art scene, so if you are into art, music or theater this is the place for you. It is a very clean, eco – friendly city. When I lived there I rarely found trash in the streets and never once had anyone be rude or threatening. The Saturday Market is amazing fun! Each neighborhood is so unique. I honestly can’t tell you about the school system. When I lived there my son was not yet in school and my sister home schooled her two children. I lived on both the east and west side of the city and I like the west side better because it’s older. One thing I liked about the city , aside from everything, is the public transportation system. You can get anywhere you want to go, even into the burbs. Between the bus and the Max, getting around the city is easy. The Airport is on the north part of the city so you might want to check out some of those neighborhoods. What would you like to know?


  3. Welcome back, Sandi! We’ve missed you! (Though I have to say, I haven’t been active much, either. My blog’s been running on auto-pilot, as work keeps me occupied.)

    Sorry to hear about your recent moving struggles. I wish I had useful advice, but I haven’t visited any of those places. I know that researching places to move is never fun. It’s often hard to get the “feel” of an area without actually visiting.

    But wishing you the best and glad to see you’re back! 🙂

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    1. Allen, how the heck are ya? You get it! Yes. Auto pilot (sadly, yes) and researching online makes it difficult to imagine what a place is truly like. I need to drive around town. I’m laughing, because I’m overwhelmed exploring the “Portland” area. Because each city is broken up into sections, divisions, communities, associations. In this case, I think they are called “Neighborhoods” and you may like one neighborhood and not another. So, where to start, began systematically and my husband (who’s in sales and travels) was like, yeah, you don’t want that part of Portland, or there. You want to look here and here and here – my response?…. well… you could have given me a starting point earlier? But we are still all over the place. (sigh)

      I’ve missed my blogging buddies.

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    2. I really hope you can find a place you like. I agree that driving around is often the best way. The online research part is a struggle. I think that people oftentimes people just end up landing in a certain spot and end up staying. A few people I know end up making their home after visiting the area and enjoying it.

      Best wishes, and good to have you back. 😀

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    1. Angelica, man do I miss reading your material! We can relate on so many levels! I shouldn’t even be on here right now… but that’s what happens when I want to escape reality and my daily tasks of what should be getting done vs. “I’m just going to pop on here real quick.”

      I’ll be over soon, maybe with my 2nd cup of coffee!


    2. Oh yeah. As moms of a couple of energetic and ever-exciting kids, we can definitely relate well. 😛

      It’s good you’re taking a bit of a break from the real world to relax and catch up on some reading!

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    1. Ha!, Linda, seriously that’s what it feels like. I’m ready to loose my mind. They say we only use a small portion of our brain, but I think that small portion is on over-drive.

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  4. Your back!!!!!!! Sounds like good news/bad news/good news/shit, damn, no what! Stay positive, I had no idea it got hotter in Idaho than California. Anything I’ve heard about Portland or the Seatac area is bring your wallet :(. Glad to see you back in the blogosphere!


    1. Hi, Gary! I’ll be over soon to read some of you stuff and catch up. (hopefully, my computer doesn’t run too slowly) Yes, it’s funny – moving there, we wouldn’t be “saving” a ton of money. We’ll just get more for our money. We live in Orange County, CA. (Newport Beach, Laguna Beach areas) where they film some of the “real wives” shows…anyway, cost of living here is SUPER HIGH. So anything else seems like a bargain. We are paying just shy of $3k for a 3 bedroom apartment, when for that we could rent a house elsewhere. I was checking into a boys volleyball club for our son – $3k for the year. Nope, we won’t be doing that. (I don’t think ID is necessarily hotter than CA during the summer, but my hubby seems to think so – CA has lots of water everywhere – pools, beach and we sometimes get that marine air)

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    2. Being a Midwesterner I’ve heard the stories of the cost of living in your part of the world LOL. Catch up when you get the time, just so happy to see you back in the saddle again :).

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    3. I don’t know, last I saw she was still sick. For some reason WordPress doesn’t send me notifications off everyone I follow (and vice versa) plus I don’t have nearly the time I used to read everybody. My little digital love child had a two month run where I barely read anybody because I was riding a massive blogger high and spent all my time responding to comments, and of course the day job :). Not sure though about Melanie I’ll poke around to see if I can find out.


    4. She just responded to my e-mail that she is okay and actually doing a little better health-wise. (I’m relieved) and will get back to me later. She ended up deleting her blog for whatever reason. 😦

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