Happy as a Hippo – A to Z Challenge

Letter H of the A to Z challenge, and all I can think of is the Hippo story on the movie Along Came Polly.  However, we can’t help but love Claude, the Frenchman. (played by Hank Azaria)  I was like Reuben, played by Ben Stiller, not familiar with that story.  Be like the hippo?  What the heck does that mean?

Oh, be like the hippo.  Happy to be who you are, yes I can agree with that. How it applied to Reuben’s situation could be argued.  But in general, Be like the Hippo is a great way to live your life.  Unless you  live in a condo/apartment above someone.  Then, no.  No hippos.  (see my F post)

7 thoughts on “Happy as a Hippo – A to Z Challenge

  1. Ha!!!! That was great!!!! When I think of Hippos I think of that Hungry as a Hippo game, you know where you scoop up the balls with the hippo mouth. But I think I will no longer say I am as hungry as a hippo, I will now be as happy as a hippo!


    1. YES- we still have HUNGRY, HUNGRY HIPPOS. But, I’m so disappointed that we gave away my childhood game, because it was such better plastic. More sturdy. I purchased the latest one sold at stores (for my kids) and the plastic is so CHEAPLY made and not sturdy. One hippo head keeps getting stuck and the handles that we used to SLAM down, you can’t on the new games. They SUCK.

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  2. The story of the happy hippo makes so much sense when analyzed from a metaphysical perspective. Indeed, it’s a heartfelt ode to aspiring to be one’s best self; to live as a spiritual being living out a human experience. In life, we often wear masks to cloak the light within, to shield our divine inner selves from the prying eyes of the outer world. In his moving, heartfelt homily, Azaria inspires the audience to seek out their true selves, and to flourish in their joy at being one with the universe.

    Just one thing bothers me, though. How can a hippo have a mirror?


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