Griswold – A to Z Challenge

I’m a huge fan of the National Lampoon Vacation movies, especially Christmas Vacation.  We put this on each holiday.  No one could have portrayed Clark Griswold better than Chevy Chase, and his wife, played by Beverly D’Angelo.  Sadly, they couldn’t keep their same kids in each movie and I was always confused because it seems their kids get younger.  (so if someone can please explain to me – is Christmas Vacation a prequel?)

Anyway, we are in the Letter G of the challenge, and all I could think of was how Clark’s boss can NEVER get his name right, calling him Mark, then Bill, and at some point attempts his last name, instead of Griswold, “GREASE BALL get in here.”  I don’t know why that boss makes me laugh, but he just does.  Once he’s done talking to Clark, he picks up the phone and yells at his assistant,

“Get me somebody.  Anybody.  Get their secretary then.”

So he doesn’t have to talk to Clark any more.

I wanted to find that movie clip.  Unfortunately, no one else found it as amusing, because I can only find the greeting.


11 thoughts on “Griswold – A to Z Challenge

  1. These were great movies, and they helped launch the career of the awesome John Hughes, who originally wrote “Vacation” as a short story for National Lampoon. He went on to write The Breakfast Club; Pretty in Pink; Planes, Trains and Automobiles; Uncle Buck; and Home Alone, among several others. One of my favorite comedy writers. I think you can still find the original Vacation stories online, though the movies are definitely better, because they’re more fleshed out.

    I never understood how the ages of the kids changed in each movie. In one, Russ seems older, but then in another, Audrey is much older. Must be a Griswold thing.


    1. right? (and you don’t have to tell me who John Huges is…) I grew up on his movies – teenage girl when 16 candles came out (hello) and then all the others. Breakfast Club, and Pretty in Pink, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off . I loved that he favored actors like Anthony Michael Hall, Molly Ringwald, John Candy (uncle Buck!) Maculay Culkin, where they were in other movies of his. I saw an interview once where he specifically had Molly in mind with Pretty in Pink.

      Yes, I always felt so badly that the kids kept switching on them in the Vacation movies. In Christmas Vacation, Russ is younger than the original vacation. Yet Audrey looks the same age.

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    2. I read somewhere that he wrote most o this movies in two days. It makes me that long just to write a Tweet! But the impact he had on ’80s culture is profound. It’s too bad he essentially disappeared after the success of Home Alone. They really don’t make movies like his anymore.

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    3. I agree! I miss them! (then again, life is just so different with all the technology age of cell phones and tweets) For instance, I watched a horror movie the other day, and I had to learn a bit of technology and still missed something somewhere. The whole Skype (I get and have done with kids when daddy was traveling) but adding several people, group call, and watching what each other is doing on screen, and typing messages to one another.

      In today’s world, something is “lost” if there are pieces of technology that others don’t understand, particularly the older generation.

      Take for instance, releasing Pretty in Pink today. She works at a record store. (which was ultra cool back then) but now? Could you imagine 16 candles – no note passing or telephone calls. It would be texting. Something would be lost.

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    4. We’ve lost so much with technology. I was thinking the same thing about the record store the last time I caught “Pretty in Pink” on TV. I miss them, especially the small Mom-and-Pop ones. The huge album covers lining the shelves, and reading the songs on the back of the sleeve. You just can’t duplicate that experience digitally.

      Someone online posted how “Home Alone” couldn’t be made today. As soon as the parents figured out they’d left Kevin home, they could text him, or Skype him, or post a status on Facebook. It was a great movie, but there’s not a chance it would make sense today with all of the apps we have for keeping in touch.

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    5. We are destined to know each other! Thank you for commenting on my blog (first of all!), and second…. OMG… I LOVE this movie soooo much! You just posted my favorite scene! (Well, except for the line where Clark talks about having his head sewn to the carpet!). Second of all… to clarify from my post on Boots & Bakersfield …. the nice woman in the elevator was being very sincere with she complimented my boots and Bakersfield. 🙂 She actually LOVES our little town. And yes… haha… I totally get why people in the O.C. explain where they live by their county — and I’m pretty sure the reality TV show did a LOT to help strangers geographically. So THANK YOU for your great comments and I LOVE your posts! I’ll have to start following you. We’re practically kin, after all. (wink)

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    6. YUP! Okay, so make sure to keep blogging! I could see from post dates and comments of another on your site, that you had taken time off… now you need to return for awhile!


  2. I so wanted to do the A-Z April challenge but was on vacay the first week of April and before that was in a blogging funky dunk. I love the Griswolds and Christmas Vacation is one that we too always watch even when it’s not Christmas. My favorite part is the aunt and uncle that are old and senial and the old man says “You couldn’t hear a dump truck in a nitroglycerin plant”. Hilarious!

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