Footsteps, football, and freakin’ roller skates

My first few posts of A to Z came to me fairly quickly and easily.  However, I had to sit and think about the letter F.  As if right on cue, my upstairs neighbor began their daily pacing back-n-forth.

We recently moved into a 3 bedroom apartment, and it’s on the 1st floor.  I’m not used to having someone live above me.

When I first moved out on my own, it was a series of roommates and they all happened to be 1 level homes or apartments on upper floor.  Until, one day, a friend of mine had her roommate move out sooner than the lease was up and she was begging me to help her.  I was in a spot of soon to be moving in with my boyfriend, so I agreed to be her roommate for a few months.  It was the longest 3 months of my life!

That was a lower unit, which reminded me WHY I should always insist on upstairs units.  We would hear rolling every night above our kitchen.  ROLL….ROLL….roll.  What the hell is that?  We saw a little girl on skates, not sure if she lived above us, and we quickly concluded she must be skating in the kitchen.  Later, we found out, she didn’t live above us…but the individuals that did were vacuuming the kitchen floor.  Who does that?  (by the way, it’s nice to cheat that way, but it’s not very effective at getting under the cabinets and oven.)  But if you live above someone, DON’T DO THAT!

From that point, I ensured my hubby and I always had an upper unit.  I would rather be the stomper than the stompee.  However, we always took great measures to ensure we were quiet.  That’s awesome until you have kids that are heavy steppers.  I’m surprised our “forever bachelor” living beneath us never just hauled off and smacked us.  He claimed in the 11 years we lived above him, he rarely heard us.  We concluded, being that he was now retired, he must be hard of hearing, because I was always yelling out:

“Stop walking on your heels, walk on the balls of your feet- light steps.  No running!   Our neighbors are going to think we got a pet elephant, for crying out loud.”

Well, we’re getting “paid back,” because 3 bedroom apartments are really difficult to come by in Lake Forest, CA.  One complex told us they only had a few 3 bedroom units and one was opening up, and we better claim it quickly… unfortunately, to our dismay, it was a lower unit… to later discover is directly under a family of 4, with 2 little boys- ages 5 and 3.  Their dad works with professional soccer players.  Therefore, his sons are (of course) future day pro-footballers.  He has them outside with their soccer balls.  And if that’s not enough…they “play” indoor football every night.  Every.  night.  at 8:00 to 9:00, 9:15ish (when they should be in bed.)  You hear running of feet and then heavy footsteps by mom and dad.  CRAP.  Once they are in bed, mom and dad fricken pace the floor BAM, BAM, BAM… BAM…BAM…BAM.  How many times are they going to walk back-n-forth?  All night.  My kids had difficulty going to sleep the first week here.

For a physically fit family, they sure do walk around like a herd of hippos.  Someone posted this video on Facebook and I laughed so hard!


11 thoughts on “Footsteps, football, and freakin’ roller skates

    1. like the video (did you watch my attachment) – bowling balls! Ha! Steel canister. I swear, we have a waterfall wall too… no LIE. My sons’ room is next to the bathroom and when the people above us shower, it sounds like a waterfall pouring down the inside of the wall. Then after, it drips/sounding of wood cracking for 40 minutes. We think it’s just poor design of pipes, but have a service request in to ensure the upstairs plumbing isn’t leaking. GOOD GAWD. It’s so loud.


    1. Hahhhha – some Double-dutch action? well, okay, but have you ever seen soccer guys juggling (dribble) bouncing balls… now imagine that along with kids jumping and running. At least jump roping would be consistent kinda like “white noise.”


  1. I lived below the property manager in my last apartment. Unfortunately, she had a toddler who ran laps around their apartment as if she were in a track-and-field meet. Normally, I’d have to whack the ceiling with a broomstick in this situation, but it’s the landlord.

    My parents always tell the story about when I was a baby, and we lived on the second floor of a small apartment. When I started crawling across the living room, the downstairs neighbor whacked the ceiling and startled me to the point of crying. If a nonexistent sound of a baby crawling is enough to rattle your nerves, then you’ve got to have super-sensitive hearing.

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    1. That person must have been “super human” and instead of answering the call like Superman (and doing good) he ignored it – and became super annoyed and cranky. Tee Hee. That reminds me of that “friends” episode with the old man and the broom. I don’t mind the pattering of feet, they are light weight. It’s the pet elephant that’s gotta go…and the indoor soccer.

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    2. You definitely have to give up certain activities when you live in a second-floor apartment. That’s my excuse for not doing 50 jumping jacks each day. Otherwise, of course, I’d be doing them religiously. 😉

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