Eavesdrop – A to Z Challenge

A to Z got me to thinking about strange words like “Eavesdrop”

Origin listed on  “Your Dictionary.com” : In medieval times, eavesdrop was rainwater that dropped to the ground from the eaves of a building. An eavesdropper was one who secretly hid in the area of the eavesdrop to overhear a private conversation.

Have  you ever seen someone in the act of eavesdropping?  I swear it’s like you can see their ear growing bigger… kinda like Pinocchio’s nose, but the ear.  I’ve always thought this as a child.

“hmmm.  That person is trying to listen to what those other people are saying, because they are siting real still and turning their ear toward that group’s conversation.” 

And I would imagine a huge ear, like Dumbo’s.

Then Pee Wee Herman came on the scene and put on that big ear and said


I laughed and laughed!  OMG.

I’m in my 40’s and I still think that’s funny.  If I came across a huge ear, I’d totally do the same thing!  Like the Wolf said to Goldilocks, “All the better to hear you with, my dear.”


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