CYA – A to Z challenge

Participating in the A to Z challenge each April is fun.  I’m sitting here and thinking about the letter C.  A host of things pop into my head, like:

Why am I constantly asking “where’s my coffee?”  It always seems to be missing.

The title of this post reminds me of the phrase “CYA, wouldn’t want to be ya!”

Crap!  Did I really just turn 45 years old?”  Like Bart Simpson says “Ay carumba!”

Seriously?  The car, at the shop again?  Why do hoses and labor cost $400 + dollars?

Holy COW!  Why does only 1 of the T.V. remotes have the ‘guide’ button that works.  Both hotel TVs work with either remote.  Now the kids are fighting over who gets the one with the functioning “guide” button.  Come on!

I really can’t decide on one subject to direct this post.  So, why  not just leave it at that?  Or I could leave you with Cookie Monster song, C is for Cookie… that’s good enough for me.  According to Cookie Monster, all the other “C” words don’t matter.   Yes, enjoy having that song in your mind throughout the day.  You’re welcome.   Until next time, CYA!



6 thoughts on “CYA – A to Z challenge

  1. Did it HAVE to be the cookie song? really? you couldn’t pick a lovely operetta? or even a hard rock song? there’s always that danged hotel california ya know….but NOOOOOOO, we now have to run around for the next week (millenium) hearing cookie monster! argggggggggg.


    1. yea, yea…some of us are on a danged diet that says NO cookies….grrrrrr, now I can’t stop thinking about cookies! ( 😀 ) found a new house yet? or shall you be stuck in the Hotel California for a bit longer?

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