Brain Farts – A to Z Challenge

Yes, my brain has been very “gassy,” lately.

April is the month for A to Z challenge.  2nd day, is The Letter B…which is appropriate for my recent Brain Farts.  I’m just too busy, and our life is complete chaos living in a hotel for 10 days!  I can’t remember names of simple pieces of furniture.  Everything is referred to as, “that thing”  It’s in THAT and I point to the refrigerator.

Or I will say things like:

“Pull out the um… the … sheets.” – What I meant to say was pull out the sleeping sofa, and here’s the sheet.

“Roll up the cherries.” – meaning roll the suitcase to a designated area, and throw out the cherry pits from your snack.

“Put your burrito on.” – put your jacket on and eat your burrito.

“Brush your face.” – brush your teeth and wash your face.

“Yes, I’ll eat in the shower.” – how ’bout I eat after I shower?

“Put on your bed.” – put on your pajamas and get in bed.

Oh, dear.


8 thoughts on “Brain Farts – A to Z Challenge

  1. I suffer from brain-fart-itis. It’s a very real condition; I kid you not. Last week I asked my waitress for ‘broken pizza’ and she replied that she didn’t think that I would like it very much but I might want to try the ‘broken lasagna’ which was indeed what I had planned on ordering. Geez Louis.

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  2. Everything to me is a “thingy”…people just give me an odd look now as i use the term for everything..the remote is a clicky thingy…the car keys are pushy thingys…….it only gets worse as you age. lol

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