All right, All Right – A to Z Challenge

It’s been a while since I’ve done the A to Z challenge… I used to participate with my prior blog all the time.  I recall when it all first began and Arlee Bird (Tossing it out) was figuring it all out with Alex Cavanaugh (Ninja Captain), and boy, has the site come a long way.  They have marketed well.  I’m very happy for the their team of bloggers and their success over the past few years.

With that said, I thought I’d attempt to participate again, amidst my move… for those who follow my blog regularly, know we recently sold our condo, and are currently living in a hotel while transitioning to an apartment soon.  My life is the craziest it’s ever been…so perfect timing for this challenge!  Why  not?


For letter A, all that comes to mind is, “All Right, All right,” or the slow drawl of, “Well, allll rigggght.” said by Matthew McConaug-hey-hey-hey.

Here’s a great link that explains where he got this phrase with some videos.  We hear it in the movie, Dazed and Confused.  He came up with it for his role while listening to the band, the Doors, live where Jim Morrison says “All right” 4 times in a row.  And then repeats it.

Matthew McConaughey So, one day, I’m on Facebook and a friend of ours (my husband’s best man at our wedding, and childhood friend) married a retired model.  It’s the second marriage for both of them.  From time to time, she posts “throw back” photos from her early modeling days and sometimes you’ll see famous people.  One photo was from her first wedding, dancing with…you got it, Mr. McConaug-hey-hey-hey.  (the pre-super-star years)  Her mom dug it up after he won an Oscar in 2014, for his portrayal of AIDS patient, Ron Woodroof, in the film, Dallas Buyers Club.

And my comment to that post was, “Well, alllll rigggght.  It’s McConaughey-hey-hey.”



7 thoughts on “All right, All Right – A to Z Challenge

  1. I did that in 2012 – moved during the A-Z Challenge! Like my life wasn’t challenging enough – I did a transatlantic move…yiiiikes. Just churn out a batch in one go, schedule them and hope you have time (ha ha ha ha) to revise them (ha Hahahaha) before they automatically publish. Good luck with your move too!

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    1. hahaha, that’s what I did – like 4 posts ahead of time “scheduled” – thinking HA, I’ll stay ahead and I’m like… are on spring break…that’s only 4… I only did 4? Are you sure? (we are moving again in 5 months to Pacific Northwest from CA. I don’t even want to unpack.

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