Sex Ed via Family Feud

… what’s a willy-wanker?

When the kids were tiny, like toddlers, they LOVED when grandma would put on Wheel of Fortune, because each spin, everyone would clap and cheer.  It was fun stuff!  They clapped too… at 10 and 12 years old, they still are intrigued a bit by the show, but aren’t excited to clap…they like it because it’s similar to hangman, but the puzzles leave them… well…puzzled.  I haven’t been able to figure out their new format.  Let’s go back to the early 80’s where they made more sense.

So, the show they like now is Family Feud.  Again, there are many questions they don’t entirely get, but much easier to play along.  The only thing is, there’s a lot more education involved.  For instance, when you’re exhausted and sit down for two seconds before cleaning up dinner and the first question you hear:

“Men, you find out your girlfriend is a nudist, where would you insist she where clothing?”

“What’s a nudist?”

Explanation results in 10 year old girl giggles.

“Why would anyone walk around naked mom?”

And then other Family Feud questions would lead families into providing answers that left my kids asking:

What’s a vibrator?

She just said Penis!

cut down on bedroom time?  What’s that mean?

What’s pubic hair again?


I know sex makes babies, but …?

I can’t put that show on to “relax” anymore.  I’ve got to bring my A game.  I’d like to pre-view the Family Feud episode, please.  Just so I can be prepared with my answers ahead of time.



10 thoughts on “Sex Ed via Family Feud

  1. Somehow I think Richard Dawson is smiling in his grave right now. Probably dreaming of staring down some women’s shirt and pecking her on the cheek. Sex ed is a toughie these days, I guess Family Feud is better than say a Google search LOL.

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