Dear Vroom Vroom person…

…don’t be an asshole.

There is a fine line with being an aggressive driver vs. just being a giant ass.

Take today for instance.  If you’re sitting at a signal that is about to turn green, and you see traffic in your lane (the slow lane) ahead of you, but the left side (the fast lane is clear), but there’s a slow moving vehicle (like a truck) stopped next to you at the light…

…it’s completely understandable that when green light signaled GO… you’d jump on the gas pedal, and vroom, vroom at high gear to get past the truck and quickly change lanes and then slow down appropriately.  No one wants to be stuck behind a diesel truck and you’re doing everyone a favor by helping traffic not to “bottle neck.”  It’s being an aggressive driver, while still maintaining safety.  It’s reasonable to rev that engine and power from completely stopped to quickly moving.

However, you enter asshole-dom, when you’re stopped at a light in the slow lane, and someone coming from the opposite direction comes up to their red light…stops, pauses to yield for oncoming traffic, sees you stopped, and then proceeds to turn right, around the time your light turns green…and you REV your engine, like HOW DARE THEY be the only car in front of you, as if they CUT YOU OFF…and you ZOOM past the signal, cut into the left lane, race AROUND THEM and cut back in front of them.

There’s no point.  No one was on the road but the two us, plenty of lane to go around, in fact 2 of them, with plenty of distance before the next light, should you need to turn right.  Now, you’re being reckless because you’re speeding like a demon for no reason.  In CA, we are allowed to turn right on a red signal (unless there’s a sign posted that states you can’t), as long as we yield to oncoming traffic, which I did.  You were stopped.  I turned seconds before your light turned green, and for that I apologize.  I didn’t plan it that way, but I had no idea at what precise moment that would be.  If you had accelerated normally, you would have had plenty of time to build up speed, change lanes, and pass me safely.

Instead, you chose to make a point that you were pissed that I dared to go in front of you.  For that, you’re an ASSHOLE and deserve a post in your honor.  I hope your day gets better, and you proceed more cautiously for the safety of everyone.


11 thoughts on “Dear Vroom Vroom person…

  1. What about crazy asshole, like when two guys in a truck follow you a mile down the road to a CVS parking lot because they THOUGHT you ran a red light on a left turn signal, when really it was a delayed green arrow? Then said men proceed to inform you that THEIR actions are indicative that YOU are the one who went to crazy town in the scenario.

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    1. Hahahah, No really, I had a green light. Seriously, are they the cops? NO. Did they really need to follow you?

      Do you know how many parents I would cite (daily) in the Ralph’s parking lot next to the school? They are the worst drivers, flying through the parking lot to cut over to the school…and racing around in circles and driving in between parking spaces and almost nailing kids that are walking to school. I drive to park near the coffee house, to allow my kids to walk the rest of the way (they are older and don’t want mom driving them in) and so, we proceed with caution and I park normally face in. Okay, kids, carefully check before stepping across to the sidewalk…screech of tires, rounding of corner..whoa…wait. slow down!


    2. No, these were just a couple wingnuts that were arguing with me when all I wanted to do was go into CVS and buy a pregnancy test. They wouldn’t get out of their car, but wouldn’t leave either. Eventually, I said, “Look, I get that you get off on intimidating women, but it was a green light.” That ended it. They sped off telling me they hope I get caught next time. Sorry, to disappoint you, but you usually don’t get commended for following basic traffic laws…

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  2. I was flipping around the blogosphere when I flopped right onto your blog which is really something because it was the word asshole which immediately drew me to this post. I have been putting the finishing touches on a post which I am writing for the letter A of the Blogger’s A to Z Challenge beginning April 1st about the necessities of assholes. Crazy, huh? I am looking forward to getting to know you, a fellow Canuck who seems to be a kindred twisted spirit of mine. Thanks for the chuckle!

    Linda K
    @_theheadcabbage from
    Tales from the Cabbage Patch


    1. Ooops! I was looking at too many blogs at one time and I got my CAs all mixed up. Blame it on my scrambled up A to Z challenged mind. Thanks for stopping by the patch!

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