Food Discounts

…and make that SENIOR pricing

I was behind a guy, with a nice BMW, at Del Taco’s drive-thru a few minutes ago.  Before driving up, I was already thinking to myself…

…I can’t really afford to buy any “out” food, and I’m so heavy these days I really shouldn’t, even if I could afford.  Oh, hell, I have my credit card and I’ve been working so hard these days, I deserve HOT, fresh, French-fries.  (am I right?)

So I’m hearing the guy in front me complete his order, and at the end he says,

“Make it senior pricing because I’m a senior citizen.”

He’s driving a BMW.  A nicer vehicle than I will EVER own.  Affording to retire in Southern, CA (Orange County) which most people we know that live in OC, when they retire, can’t afford to continue living in the same area, or CA in general.  This guy is not only living in OC, retired (I’m guessing), but driving a shiny black new BMW, as well.

By all means, if you’re a senior, take advantage of your discount.  But, I just laughed, because he wanted to make sure he got that discount- yelling it at the speaker box in the drive-thru.  First of all, it’s only like 10% off.  I know this because my very first “teenager” job was at Del Taco, working the register.  They might have increased that discount over the years, but unlikely.  And he could have easily just told them at the register when paying.

Meanwhile, I’m looking at his car and nice business shirt (the arm of it anyway that’s leaning out the rolled down window) and thinking about my situation and looking at my faded clothes with little tiny balls of fabric all over, an indicator of how old/cheap fabric is, and my extensive gray hair (not just the roots anymore) in the review mirror.  I started thinking, when I drive up to order, I’m going to end with:

“Please, make it the, ‘I’m-too-poor’ discount, thank you.”

I’ll make sure to say “please,” whereas, the other guy in front of me was quite demanding and didn’t use please or thank you.


17 thoughts on “Food Discounts

  1. If it is ANY consolation at all..he will get horrible indigestion, probably fart and belch at the same time (for hours) much to the dismay of his spouse (arm candy) ANDDDDDDDDDDDDD not be able to pee for a week due to his gallstones suddenly developing from all that french fry and greasy hamburger ingestion!

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  2. Poor rich bastard. That extra 10 cents he saved on the senior discount for that taco will barely pay for his landscaper. If only we could have good taken up a collection. I only pray he had enough gas to get back to his 90210 zip code. The L.A. Freeway can be murder on gas, particularly BMW’s. 😀

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  3. That must be how you get ahead in life: barking demands and carrying an air of expectation.

    And not only did I *not* get a discount the last time I went to the drive-through, but they forgot to include the fries with my order.

    No respect, I tell you. No respect.


  4. The hub and I went to a matinee the other day. As the youngster was ringing us up, I said, “I think my husband qualifies for the senior discount (he’s 65).

    “I already gave it to you,” he said with a smile.

    I looked at the receipt. He gave it to both of us.

    My young and vibrant 57-year-old self was glad and mad.

    He could have at least asked.


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