Wash away with the rain

The thing about California…we will go forever and a day without rain.  But then, all of a sudden it’s like Fantasia, where Mickey Mouse has lost control of the magic brooms and buckets of water are continually poured down on us.

Typically, the slightest of drizzle, and people freak.  In their defense, we do have quite a bit of oil piled up on the roads by the time any water hits them and that makes everything slickery-slick!  And hydroplaning- yowza.  So people lose control, because they forget to slow down or STOMP on their breaks while hydroplaning.  (which is a big no-no)

Luckily for me, I don’t really have to be on the road anymore…but a rainy day can sometimes be interrupted with notices of “flash flood” warnings, or MUD SLIDES. (and I don’t mean the drink)  These suckers are what kill people and destroy property.  Because, with the dry Santa Ana winds and summer fires, the foliage is gone, and roots are loose or completely burned.  With nothing to hold soil in place, and excessive water with no way to properly drain equals danger.  Not to mention being the culprit of wreaking havoc on the freeways, because the slides typically happen to roads that are running between hills.

That’s why YESTERDAY, I considered myself quite fortunate to be working at home.  The kids were EXCITED over the rare lightening and thunder…our dog, not so much.  He quaked with fear and the kids thought he was just cold.  Nah, he’s wrapped in a blanket.  He’s just frightened.

BUT, by the time we had to leave for school, the storm had subsided to a drizzle.  Therefore, the dog was raring to leave with us and take a quick potty.  He stepped on the mushy grass and looked at me as if to say, “What the heck… did you do to my grass, mom?”  But, lightly trotted off to do his business.  Instead of high tailing it to the car after, like routine, he bolted for our front door.  “Let me in, let me in…I’m freezing out here.”  (yeah, we had just cut off all his long hair combined with colder weather…yikes!)

So I let him back in the house.  As I missionwalked to the car, I thought, thank Goodness, my daughter’s 4th grade mission project was due last Friday, and not today.  That would totally suck if I had to help walk that thing in, in the pouring rain, while trying to hold an umbrella over my daughter, her mission, and myself.  Something or more like someone would have been soaked.

It’s at this time,  that my son informs me he’d like to be dropped off near the coffee house and he’ll walk the rest of the way to school.  Um, yeah, that’s a NO…I don’t think so.  Why?  Have you looked outside, son?  The school is known for not properly draining and has HUGE unavoidable puddles and we don’t own rain boots or these things called slickers?  We’re lucky we have an umbrella that didn’t get packed away with everything else!

So I drop the children off with no incident, and hurry back home to the heater.  I decide to make coffee, and when I removed the pot (while brewing) to pour a fresh cup, the coffee maker continued releasing a stream of coffee.  What the heck!  It’s supposed to stop while I’m filling my cup.  Now I’ve got coffee here and there and using up tons of paper towels because every time I try to lift and clean, resulted in more mess.  What is going on here?  Stop!  You’re supposed to stop or barely release anything!  I don’t want the bottom of the pot burned.

Later in the day I realized, pieces of the coffee maker were removed for cleaning and forgotten to be returned to the maker.  Primarily, the brew basket (the one that you usually place a paper filter in) – was not returned to the machine.  Luckily we had a hard plastic, reusable filter container that is supposed to sit inside that brew basket.  That’s what I had in the coffee machine so grinds didn’t end up all over, but it was still small and didn’t deploy the sensor/mechanism that recognizes when the pot is removed during the brew cycle.  Duh.  Okay.  Mystery solved.

By this point, it was nearing time to pick up the children from school.  I’m leisurely washing the dishes (40 more minutes of quiet) when my cell rings.  Number doesn’t pull up a name.  It’s a mom from school, my kids are sitting at the nearby coffee house.  Did you forget it was minimum day?

SHIT!  I’ve never, NEVER forgotten my kids.  I didn’t forget them.  I just forgot they leave all this week at 1:20.  Not 2:30.  They have been waiting on me for about 30 minutes!  Stupid parent/teacher conference minimum days.  Well, it’s good a thing it was no longer raining.

Rain. It not only washes away roads, but minds, as well!






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