Nothing for Nothing means something

…You did it?

I have an extensive resume.  I’ve worked in various arenas, supporting all levels of management / co-workers in the Home Owners Association (HOA property management), Law Firms, International Dental Supplier, International Medical device supplier, Retail Giant The Home Depot (store support center/corporate type work) – I’ve got years of experience.

However, after getting laid off from the Home Depot (they moved the West Coast Support center jobs to the Atlanta corporate location, and paid everyone less $$ than my $25/hour) – it’s been a series of temporary/staffing jobs – like the long term one I had up to last summer for the medical device company.

At this time, I picked up working “part-time” doing some data entry work that allows me to work from home, but for very little income.  The job is really “beneath,” me and my skill level and much more poorer than I already was experiencing…yet there are some benefits, primarily, flexibility!  (and I can do from anywhere there is wifi/phone)

Outside of the very little hours, the company is doing quite well and growing quickly.  They now have (2) Customer service reps (myself included) which we now have 5.5 hours of work Monday-Friday (for only $15/hour).  It still only allows me to take home $1,500 / monthly.  Yet, there’s promise as we grow, that could increase.  They expect it to increase.

With that said, I’m no longer focusing solely on marketing, but supporting with Customer Service, as well.  Today was my 2nd day of answering phone calls and assisting customers with donating online to their relative’s fundraiser (Jog-a-thon, read-a-thon kind of pledge driven event)

With that said, one gal called me today inquiring,

“Okay, I got all the people we are going to ask to donate, set up in the system.  Their names, their e-mails and donation request letter have been sent to them.  Does this qualify my daughter for something?”

As in a prize?

I had to tell her, that was the first step of notifying of event and requesting individuals to donate.  Once they donate, that balance builds and depending on what their school has dictated for prize levels (for instance: $100 might get you a t-shirt,  and then $125 gets t-shirt and water bottle, every school is different and you’ll need to check the flyers they sent home with the kids to see what those goals are, but people have to donate first and you have to reach those milestones.)

I laughed because, she wasn’t a dumb person I was talking to and I just couldn’t believe she expected her daughter to be rewarded for simply adding a name and e-mail, and sending donation request notice.  Okay, done!

What’s my first prize?  Uh, nothin’?  Oh, okay, you can have that “Hurray” banner and a blog post in your honor.  Oh, all right…I’ll even toss in this groovy 70’s tune from a dude with an AMAZING AFRO.


6 thoughts on “Nothing for Nothing means something

    1. oh i have raised money before…first for the non-profits I worked for then for myself…but for some reason no one ever had the ballz to ask for something for just giving info…

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