Tasty Morsels

So my local news report e-mailed me a notice that Mountain Lions are eating our pets.

No.  Really.  You don’t say.

We have greedy companies like the Irvine Company, they want to build million dollar+ homes in the hills of Orange County.  We are invading wild life, by building homes on/right next to “Wild life sanctuaries.”  Just where are these big cats supposed to hunt as we reduce their area to roam?

What do you expect from wildlife that sees delicious morsels like a domestic cat or small dog…and for the lions, big dogs.  They don’t realize these are beloved pets.  They only know they are hungry, and those are easy prey within trotting distance.

I’m not surprised to read pets are being eaten.  However, I did raise my eyebrows to read over 50% of food found in Mountain Lions’ stomachs were domestic pets.  The arching of my brow was not due to the Mountain Lions choice of food, but over people’s stupidity.  That many have had their pets eaten?

Whiting Ranch Trail map - portionLook, those living in Foothill Ranch, you surround a wilderness Park- Whiting Ranch.  Taking fluff-ball on a walk on the trails, you’re taking a chance that he is going to be hunted.  Not only is he/she a possible goner, but you might be injured or killed yourself.  (just sayin’) – we’ve already had reports of a couple attacks over the years.  Parts of Irvine, Lake Forest/Foothill Ranch, Mission Viejo, Rancho Santa Margarita these cities are built and surround land roamed by wildlife.

And, don’t think allowing your pet to be in the backyard, with a tiny fence, is going to keep them safe.  Bobcats, coyotes, Mountain lions- funny thing about them critters…they jump, and can pounce quite easily.  Even though some of us don’t live right next to the reserve… there are connecting fields everywhere.  So many neighborhoods miles down the hill,  more city/metropolitan… guess what- animals travel.  (especially during the night and early morning hours)

AND they don’t stick to the trails either.  Don’t think because your house doesn’t butt up to a trail that your pet is safe.  (Or toddler, small child for that matter.)

We don’t live anywhere near an open field, but there is one at the very top of the street, quite a distance from our condo.  That’s a tiny piece of undeveloped land that stretches a small distance and has wild life.  Between our condo complex and the starting of houses, there is a drainage ditch area (very small) that connects to that undeveloped land- my neighbor told me to be careful with our dog and kids as there was a bobcat living there that had just given birth to young.  The only thing separating us was a small block wall and my front door.

That bobcat was roaming the neighborhood streets at night looking for nourishment.  Eventually, it was caught and released into the reserve.

I’ve seen at dusk, a lone coyote popping out from a trail (between 2 neighborhoods) and trotting down the sidewalk of a street near the schools.  Then, one morning near dawn, I saw one pop out from the cemetery and trotted cross the major road to visit neighborhoods nowhere near wild life.

When they are hungry, they will travel.  They know all the connecting trails, and when they have to- will cross streets.  They know which houses have pets and small children.  They have been smelling.  Watching.  Hunting.

I laughed because the article read to not only look behind and around, but UP because they are often perched in trees or higher rocks, or trash dumpsters.


8 thoughts on “Tasty Morsels

  1. Sandi, if you’re trying to do your best to discourage me from becoming a movie star and then move back to southern, California… you’ve succeeded. Sorry Hollywood, stardom is not worth it if it means being eaten by the surrounding wildlife! The ravenous wolves called the studio suits? Nah, I can handle them. Just tell em they’ll make millions off of me and they’ll sit, fetch and roll over. But throw some money at a mountain lion, and they’ll just ignore it. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Not unless someone grabs that money and runs… lions can’t help themselves and will chase in pursuit.

      – HEY, we just thought of a new game show. A play on two different shows- one where they stand in a box, and there’s air that makes the money float around and you have to grab in so many seconds…combined with the GREAT RACE element…

      Here’s a bunch of money, we’re going to toss out in various areas, and it’s yours…you just have to go fetch it. (tee-hee-hee) Oh, and good luck. Like the Night at the Museum movie, stay away from the Lion or it will EAT YOU.


  2. I live in a fairly rural area and we are seeing a fise in wolf and cougar populations in this area. I wouldn’t be suprised to see the ebar come back. But when cities cut into an animals habitat to build gomes and businesses where are the animals supposed to go? Of course the are going to hunt in the neighborhoods.


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