One Ear Open

…really, with your toes?



Today was a ‘tired’ morning.  One where I was, actually, going to sleep in until about 7AM… I can NEVER sleep in, if I make it to 7, it’s surprising.  I’m typically up early, smiley, and full of energy person.  Today, not so much.

When I found out I was pregnant with my first child, my mom told me,

“Once you’re a parent, you’ll never sleep soundly again.  You will always sleep with  ‘one-ear-open.”

and it’s so strange how the mind can do that, but it’s the truth!  Here it is, 12 years later, and I’m alert at the slightest noise.  I never used to be a “light” sleeper.  We look back at pictures Pre-children and we look so rested.  After kids, we’ve had bags under our eyes, and extra tired ‘crinkles’ around the eyes ever since.  I hate being in photos.  Who is that old, tired, frumpy, over-weight hag trying to squeeze in the picture…oh, that’s me!

…SO with that said, to lightly touch me with your toes in the morning, and drag them a bit up my leg, makes me pop right UP.  No matter how tired.



6:30 AM – That’s later than usual.  Where’s the coffee?

Before I can even heat up a cup (yup, we stopped brewing daily, fresh coffee, unless the pot is empty…if a pot has some it, we drink it- don’t know when that started…it’s been a while now…probably 12 years ago.)

Before I can even make it to the kitchen, my son is pulling out vitamins for himself and then he mentions he’ll get his sister’s too- because he’s nice like that.

My tired mind remembers (almost too late) that his sister will HATE that and refuse to take the vitamins he offers, insisting to get her own…and, more importantly, he’s sick!  So, it comes out harshly,

“NO, just pour a couple in your hands!  You’re sick!  Don’t stick your fingers inside the container.  Your sister can get her own.”

Okay, mom.  gosh.  Just trying to be nice.

No, he’s not.  He is hyper-aware, she’ll hate that and it’s a way to get under her skin.

Then, my daughter comes in, indicating she wants Eggos.  I’m standing in front of the coffee pot, which blocks access to the refrigerator.  I grab them for her, hand her a couple, and she exclaims how cold they are, really cold!

“Well, yeah.  They were in the freezer…hello?”  What do you think something coming directly out of a freezer would feel like?

My husband is next to me and looks over at me, like easy mom.  Well, I don’t have patience for stupidity this morning.  And, it’s your fault for waking me.  I know you didn’t mean to, but, you did!

I get my coffee heated up, and to be nice, heat up a cup for my dear hubby.  At the beeping of the microwave, I take the cup over to where he is standing…I’m talking TO my husband, looking at him, while I’m earnestly trying to hand the coffee to our sick-12-year-old son.


My husband leans around me to grab the cup away from my son who is reaching out to grab, without even questioning, what I’m giving him.

HEY.  This is what happens when people sleep with “one-ear-open,” and doesn’t get the occasional sleeping-in they need.





10 thoughts on “One Ear Open

  1. OMG…boys and coffee? thank GAWD yer hubby was there to snatch it away…….I really REALLY do not wish to know what that poor sick child would be like with a stimulant………..roflmao and what’s happening with the house? anymore idiots coming by or calling about the dishwasher’s cover peeling? lol


    1. YES, Suze! I have more on the house… was just taking a bit of a break… so not all the posts were the same. 🙂 Besides, I get too worked up! 🙂 heheheheh –

      And, my son would have SPIT OUT the coffee thinking I was giving him hot chocolate. I would have never heard the end of it. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, that’s a GOOD ONE. Then you, too, have to use the microwave at some point? Unless, you drink cold coffee. That’s probably where the idea originated for Iced Mochas- these coffee shops offer. Someone was a parent/sleeper with one-ear-open and said- wow, that’s the solution on a hot day!


  2. I’ve gotten to the point that I also call my kids by each-others names, something I laughed at my own mom and grandma for…. It takes me a couple names before I get to the right one. And plenty of times I find myself trying to stuff the 5 year old into his little sisters coat, or brush his teeth with her toothbrush… more proof to them that I’m crazy.


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