The science of it all…


…then my stomach got involved and all broke loose

I don’ t know how it is in other parts of  USA, or the world, but in Southern California the BIG thing for 6th graders is to go away to “6th grade Science camp,” which is in our local mountains, Lake Arrowhead area (near Big Bear.)

It’s ridiculously over-priced, nearly $300 dollars for partial day on Tuesday, full days on Wed-Thurs, and leave Friday morning.  It’s basically 2 3/4 days.  With that said, we still found a way to pay (before my husband was laid off from work) because we didn’t want our son being left out and daddy really wanted him to go to Science camp, because Science is COOL.

With major hikes they were scheduled to take, with journal and pencil in hand, we wondered what he would truly learn.  They arrived back to the school a couple of hours ago, right at noon, completely exhausted!  A couple of families went to lunch because the kiddos were starving.

After scarfing down their food, they were all ready for a nap.  No one really wanted their parent asking a bunch of questions.  So, we got home and after my son bathed and he perked up a bit, he then showered me with a bit of “his” version of science,

“You know mom, I had some really bad gas while I was there.” 

(what did you do to hide it?  What did you eat?)

“I don’t know what happened.  It was like two different meals I ate, had an argument and began fighting.  Then my stomach had to get involved to break it loose…which then my tummy had to fart it out.”

Well, okay, if that’s what he learned on his trip…that  “weird” science works for me.  It’s so much more interesting.







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