Listen to what the Man Said

…seriously, am I being punked?

As mentioned in a prior post, I subscribe to the local online news for the surrounding cities and sometimes the reporting is very lacking or just terrible.  However, it serves the purpose of notifying me of latest stories for my city or nationwide/world-wide items that I can surf-the-web and review more facts in detail.

Such was the case with the latest Patch report.

Rarely do I care about award ceremonies (movie or music) and sometimes have them on only briefly to catch a glimpse of a couple performances.  I NEVER follow who is wearing what or going to what after party, because I DON’T CARE!

However, I found the article linked above very curious, so much that I briefly clicked around to see what happened.

It would seem, at the age of 70+, Mr. McCartney likes to still attend after parties.  Who knew?  I thought he’d be done with that entire scene by this point after being in the game for decades.  AND to go see Tyga.  Apparently, Sir. Paul McCartney is still movin’ and grovin’ to the beat.

OR he is trying to at least…

What I find crazy is that the bouncers had no IDEA who Paul McCartney was… which seems crazy.  Could you imagine the conversation we didn’t hear, probably went like this:

“I shouldn’t have to say this, but, I’m Pa…” (bouncer: I don’t care who you are grandPA, step back)

“But I’m Paul McCartney.  You know, the Beatles.  Legend.  Icon?”  

Perhaps you might know me as Sir Paul?  Knighted by the Queen of England.  Still no?  Am I being punked?  Is  that Ashton fellow in hiding?”  It’s a  jolly good joke.”

Then, loud enough to his friends Beck and the Foo Fighter’s drummer, so the TMZ camera could pick up, something about, “How VIP do we gotta get? ”  and then mentioned something about having to write another hit song, something they could all bounce to…  And off they go in the car onto another after-party that knew their important people.  Surely that club, if maximum capacity was reached, would know to eject a few people with less VIP status to make room for him.

Later, on Jimmy Kimmel, and on his twitter account, Tyga indicated, look man, I don’t watch the door.  I would never turn away SIR PAUL.  The fire marshal was to blame…and, apparently, the bouncers- for not knowing the proper people to um…bounce?

Do you think this was all a ruse to create a lot of media attention?  Hey, reject Paul McCartney at the door.  That will stir up a ruckus and great marketing.  And once the bees are buzzing, claim too many people were there and room was at capacity per Fire Marshal.

I’m curious if the bouncers just didn’t recognize him and wouldn’t allow entrance.  If that’s the case, it’s a very sad day in the music world when music icons are no longer recognized as VIP.  They would want to cover up that embarrassment by stating – there was no more room in the building.

The whole time I’m reading and thinking about this, the song from Paul’s band Wings, Listen to what the Man said, kept playing in my mind.


13 thoughts on “Listen to what the Man Said

    1. Well, he is a super star with loads of cash… he should look good. His wife of many years, Linda, I think she passed away from cancer- authored her own healthy cook book… so I’m sure he ate well for many years.

      I just laugh at the whole situation.

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    1. Well, I have no clue if that’s how he was acting..I was imagining pieces of conversation we couldn’t hear…but the whole thing might have came off that way to the casual by stander?

      And, with good reason, he’s a legend and deserves respect. I’m sure he had a good sense of humor about it.

      As for the other guy…Paul knows a lot of people in the music industry and has much clout… you don’t want to snub the wrong person in that industry so I can understand the back-stepping. Whoa- it wasn’t me – I would Never bounce you! 🙂

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