My hubby offered me drugs this V Day

…Follow the white Rabbit

When I was a child, I fell in love with the Disney movie about a gal named Alice, who took a BIG TRIP to Wonderland after she followed a frantic bunny down the rabbit hole.  I heard faint whispers from my older cousins that the whole movie was about drugs.  How could that be…it was Disney!  They were big dummies.

As a pre-teen, I discovered my mom’s albums and tripped over a band called Jefferson Airplane that had a song about white Rabbit.  This Grace person had seen Alice in Wonderland, as well, and made a song about it!  My mom tried to tell me it was about drugs…MOMMMMM… Disney made the movie, Grace is being Slick and singing about Alice’s trip to Wonderland.  Um, hello?  The reason she’s called Grace Slick.  (duh)  “Feed your head” means she is filling it with reading stories.

As an older teenager, with her 2nd job at a video rental store (remember those?) before Block Buster… movies on VHS and Beta video tapes… right around the time The Little Mermaid was originally released, I started to believe the rumors about Disney.  Everyone was pointing to the artwork on the cover, the sand castle under-the-sea was in fact, quite phallic.  Although states this is false, it wasn’t purposely drawn by a disgruntled employee…There was no denying it,  Disney’s innocent rep, was marred. There were other movie covers being pointed out that had a suggestive nature, as well…which of course, ALWAYS reverted back to Alice in Wonderland, the ultimate animation drug movie. No, No, NO…well….

OKAY.  Fine.  Maybe the “White rabbit,” reference isn’t about a cute bunny.  But I refuse to think my husband was trying to push drugs on me.  He went to a trade show recently, and a booth gave him some candy…


“Happy Valentine’s Day, honey.”

“OH, LOOK!  Alice in Wonderland candy!”

…that’s how we roll at our house for Valentine’s day.  We’re Trippy like that.



6 thoughts on “My hubby offered me drugs this V Day

    1. right? I was about 19? And I worked at a place called Electric Video. We had shelves of VHS (some Beta) tapes and a demo tape that played Little Mermaid, Pinocchio, and something else over – and – over again because we were also selling copies of the Little Mermaid. Ugh. If I had to hear Aerial sing “ahhhh, ahhhh, ” her notes to the sea witch again- I was going to lose it.

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