Ohhh, you Tricky-Trickster…

…whatcha got up your sleeve?

Okay, so just in case you were wondering, the Target in our area doesn’t sell dynamite.  (darn).  If you are new here or haven’t kept up on my posts lately- must read the last 3 or 4 posts to get what’s happening… on to where I left off…

As you recall, Jenean calls us at 7PM Friday night to discuss more “issues,’ when our OPEN HOUSE is just the following day at noon!  We’re at the Target to simply pick up a Welcome Mat…and the conversation literally takes about an HOUR.  My hubby’s walking up and down aisles, and I’m kinda following him…and God knows where the kids  went.  Oh, yeah, they were the ones in the games area, bouncing a ball and playing a form of 4 square with two other kids.  Using their OUTSIDE voices.  Yup, we were those people, letting our kids go wild.  Hey, they were laughing and having a good time…which was more than what I could say for us.

My husband continued to talk to Jenean to tell her the dishwasher was fine, and not really necessary to do anything late Friday evening, when OPEN HOUSE was just the next morning.

“It’s too late to do anything now.  You had us put that faux paper on it…you took pictures, you removed the cardboard that we had in place to help properly seal it.  You looked at the pictures…you didn’t notice anything until Harvey inspected.   We are not spending anymore money on this place.  We can’t imagine anyone seeing it, and if they did, if they really liked the place, would not let it dissuade them.  Surely, they could make an offer, and at that time request us to get a new dishwasher (for $300) or knock off a bit on price.”  

Is the solution PIZZA?  I like pizza.  Who doesn’t like pizza?

She doesn’t like that idea and insisted our “military” prospective buyer didn’t want it because of that… it’s a deal breaker for people.  BUT SHE’S GOT A SOLUTION folks!  NO WORRIES.  Jenean is on it!  Knowing we don’t have any $$.  She’ll buy a $600 dishwasher now…tonight, and if our place only sells at 390k, to break even, she’ll eat that cost.  BUT, if it sells higher (which more than likely should have no issue reaching 400k)… then we need to increase her commission a 1/2 point, because she’s assuming all the risk, of course.

Oh, tricky-trickster.  Wait until they are overly-tired and then tell them they HAVE to do this at the last second, or their place won’t sell.  It’s a deal-breaker if you don’t do this.  NO ONE will want your house.  So, I’ll be the good guy and buy… we’ll come over at 6AM, install the new appliance before the noon open house.  I’ll increase my commission only by 1/2 point…because I’m working so hard for you!

…which Bill calculated would be about an extra $2,000.  Hmmm. $600.00 dishwasher vs. an additional $2,000 in commission.

Finally, I jump in, poking my husband’s shoulder…

“I know how to solve the ‘bubble’ issue…just tell her we’ll peel the damn Stainless Steel paper off, and scrub the black shiny and leave as is…no deception.”

Oh, no…DON’T DO THAT?  Interesting that she doesn’t want us doing that either. Hmmm.  So Bill hated to be the bad guy…but perseverance prevailed:

“No.  If you want to buy the dishwasher, that’s on you.  We aren’t upping your commission.” 

Ohhhh, here it goes now….BUT, I worked so hard for you going to all these Home Depot’s on a Friday night, my personal time and money.  I’m hardly getting any commission after a cut goes to the First Team Real Estate, and then my team… I don’t get hardly anything. (whine, whine)

“First of all, we didn’t ask you to travel around to various Home Depot’s to find a rug.  We don’t need a rug, but if you think we do…The rug should be included with the cost for interior design staging we already paid $2,400 for…we didn’t ever “sign off” on more people helping you!  It’s a 2 bedroom condo!  Just how many people do you need?  You know we are BROKE.”

then he thinks more on the matter,

“Besides, you can’t install a new dishwasher anyway.  When your contractor was here to replace the counter tops and sink, they broke the valve to the dishwasher.  Before replacing, the water would need to be turned off at the street and since we’ll be gone, no one would be able to find it.  It’s difficult to find.  So  No.  We can’t do it.”

At this time, she didn’t know we were laid off- because it was the ace in the hole for later.  We didn’t want her to find time to place another trick up her sleeve.  We were going to use that to get her to LOWER her commission and here she is trying to UP it even further!

Dang it, does Target sell a top hat and wand?  I need to make this issue DISAPPEAR!

…to be continued


12 thoughts on “Ohhh, you Tricky-Trickster…

    1. My situation is not the norm. I bought my family home. I didn’t need a realtor. I simply went to the bank and said I’m buying my Moms house and they said how much do you need? It was done in less than a week. I think it’s wrong that she is doing this to you. Perhaps it’s time to do some investigating into her business practices.

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    2. She seems really nice and looking out for us to get the most for our property. But, there are somethings she is doing that does seem questionable at times or pressured. I don’t think it’s illegal, just sales. You have to see through the smoke screen.

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  1. ok, I have rope and duct tape on hand…I can drive there in…..oh, I’d say three days. Just gimme a description of the blasted woman! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
    or, pray your house sells FAST and leave that bloody woman far, far behind you…she shall become a pimple on the ass of time spent. you poor girl. (at least the kids had fun)

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    1. (persons/stories if seem to resemble a particular person is purely coincidental) – isn’t that what the credits read as they roll after a movie? Something like that?

      As you for responding to other comments:

      Yes, you posted on something somewhat of HOT topic. You made an opinion on a controversial subject (oh, my!) I’m always too afraid to say what I think on those matters.


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