Smells like Dog Pee…

toilet with foam

…And I think there’s a drain Ghost.  Or something is in the toilet.

For those new to this blog or just happened to stumble across this big MESS,  my life has been consumed with fixing up our condo and getting it ready for the OPEN HOUSE to sell, sell, sell.  The dreaded weekend had arrived…

Since we have to be out of the house Saturday and Sunday all day, we decided to just stay at a hotel because we didn’t want to have to reclean early Sunday morning because we used the bathrooms and we desperately needed showers!  Due to my husband’s past sales job and the traveling he has done, he earned some Best Western points to go toward FREE STAYS.  Luckily, most of them accept dogs.

Therefore, we hit a local one, and the dog room they gave us… no lie…smelled!  We never had an issue with past Best Western stays.  At first I thought I was being too sensitive with this, as I am often affected by smells that others don’t notice…so I didn’t say anything.  Okay, that’s a lie, but I was careful to not mention anything in front of the kids.  They were excited about there being a divider from the room to the living room and we had (3) beds.  Everyone had a “spot” so they were okay that it “stunk a little.”  Anyway, because the room was closed up, I figured it was musty/moldy odor.  A quick solution was to open the sliding door to the little patio, and the front door to get a nice cross breeze.  That helped considerably.  No one else was truly bothered.  So, we remained in that room.

However, when we went to bed and everything was closed up again, the very next morning… I identified the true smell… dog urine.  It’s a dog room and dogs have probably peed on the carpet and probably peed on the patio concrete and the breeze brings that old pee smell in?  I dunno.  But I got really grossed out…as everyone is sleeping, I’m laying there thinking of dog pee on the carpet and was worried if our dog had thought it was okay and relieved himself all over the place where other dogs had.  I don’t think he had, we never left him unattended.

As Sunday morning progressed, and we were killing time before heading to our friend’s place for Super Bowl, I hopped on the computer to compose this blog post.  Meanwhile, the toilet kept making crazy noises for periods of time.

GULP, GULP, GULP… blip, blip, blip, blip.  It sounded like it was eating and then going to upchuck and vomit all over.  Then it would stop…after my hubby got out of the shower, he came out and was standing near me as strange noises once again emitted from the bathroom and he said:

“It sounds like there is a drain ghost.  I’m a little afraid to go back in there.”

I keep waiting for an EXPLOSION.  Like the original Poltergeist movie, with a bunch of pink goo.  Ew.  Almost time to get out of here, I kept chanting.

About 10 minutes later (and several interesting noises), my dear hubby needed to use the facilities:

“Hey, what have you guys been doing in here?”

We all said, nothing, that no one has been in there since he showered.  OMG… the toilet bubbled.  LITERALLY.  He lifted the lid there was a bunch of FOAM bubbles that had come up through the piping and was like the old Brady Bunch episode with Bobby Brady and the washing machine.  Seriously.  It was as if the people above us flushed shampoo down the toilet and it came up through ours?

When I took the above picture, he had already cleaned up a lot of the mess with towels.  We quickly came to the conclusion it was the cleaning product the maid was using in another nearby room.  That can’t be good.  Nobody breathe!  Let’s get outta here.








18 thoughts on “Smells like Dog Pee…

    1. YUP. We’ll get to that on a post for another day. We had one good offer…but it could be screwed up by the assessors appraisal. An outside party has to review property to see what their value is and then the bank loans accordingly. FINGERS AND TOES crossed, praying, etc.

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    1. Better not, in Lake Forest, CA. I specifically don’t live in the Rain Forest or any other jungle-like setting for that reason. NO BIG spiders that can carry you off to their web… no slitherin’ snakes waiting to strike or squeeze your insides out… I purposely live in area that I don’t have to worry about those things. 🙂


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