We’re listed!

condo photo- kitchenOkay, guys!

Our condo was professionally staged, a photographer came last Friday and as my hubby was being laid off on Monday… the realtor was adding our property to the MLS listing.

Check it out… (click the link) the photos look great!  Seriously.

My hubby did most of that work:

Condo photo- entryEntry and laundry tile, custom shelving in both pantry and coat closets, molding and floor boards (that he had to repaint after floor/carpet installation) we completed as our daughter was born.

One of the larger jobs he did a few years ago was removing the metal bars at the top of our staircase/kitchen and fabricated a wall next to the staircase.  Then he purchased (3) cabinets from Home Depot and “built-in” to the wall.  He originally added a cheaper counter to give us more “kitchen space” and include an office desk (since he worked from home.)  Later this counter was removed, and a granite one was installed by a contractor.

One of the largest, longest projects was re-staining of the kitchen cabinets to match the Home Depot cabinets.  At first, our realtor wanted him to paint those all white.  That job was so horrendous and just completed- we said NO.  (so she compromised with a white counter top- that I personally don’t like.)

So, on with all the things my hubby did within a short period of a month!  Repaired holes in wall, and repainted, painted doors, painted cabinets, installed new blinds in kitchen/bathroom, re-screened all screens, installed new smoke detector and carbon monoxide alarm, added new hardware on all cabinets (screws), added pulls, and knobs,

condo photo- dishwasherThe above items were relatively “easy,” except installation of chandelier (that was a PAIN and took him nearly all day), and we Grabbed a faux silver wall paper like sticker to go over dishwasher.  This makes it appear stainless steel to match other appliances.  THAT STUFF is a pain in the ass to put on, like wall paper- ensuring all bubbles are out… but it looks awesome.  cheap way of getting the effect, they might not even realize it’s faux.  It actually cleans easier!  $25.00 bucks

Lastly, lawn work, because the association’s lawn crew SUCKS.  So cutting back plants.  (our realtor wanted us to “replant” – and we’re like, no.) and now he’s currently working on clearing out garage, painting, and filling in a crack.

We paid for:

  • Installation of granite counters (kitchen & laundry)
  • Installation Faux wood flooring (laminate) in living room, kitchen, stairwell – actually, will be paid at closing
  • Installation of new carpet in both bedrooms and their closets
  • Painting of bathroom cabinets (My hubby just got done with the staining the kitchen cabinets, and the bathrooms were the same material.  Apparently, those were extremely difficult.
  • Professional staging (furniture rental)

A lot went into this and we’re still trying to get things out for Open House this weekend.  I’m so done with this crap.  It better sell HIGH.  So our realtor wanted to list at 350k only… then it was $379 because there weren’t any other 2 bedrooms/2bath on the market… but then some others went on the market at the last second and she wants to ensure we get a lot of traffic, so she dropped it back down to 359.  Zillow lists approx. property value at $390 (without considering the inside…just the outside)

Condo photo- bedroomWe’re not even considering accepting any offer under 400k. I think it needs to be higher-  Especially now that my hubby is unemployed.  To me, that feels like “false” advertising, but I guess that’s the game.  It makes her look good because we never have to “reduce” the price.  She always sells thousands of dollars over listed price.  A marketing ploy for her.  Look, my properties never have to reduce and I typically get over 30 thousand in asking price.  Isn’t she awesome? Yes, because the property should have really been listed at 390k, but then not that many will come.  They want to get offers and sell after 1 weekend of showing.




21 thoughts on “We’re listed!

    1. Oh, trust me- that’s why they want everything (and I mean everything) WHITE. Our realtor wanted us to paint the kitchen cabinets white – we said no. Those kitchen cabinets with the grain, and the lines- and to get the Home Depot cabs to match…too much.

      Then, we had to install this extreme bright light bulbs, that are supposed to last like years, but are super expensive. (In fact, she told us to return those crazy expensive bulbs to Home Depot…after we had pictures and our open house) All to capture the effect of light and bright and CLEAN. Hence all the stainless steel to reflect light.

      There are sections of this, that we would have done differently. ALSO, adding laminate flooring and removing all the carpet – it echoes in here now. It’s actually pretty bad. (to us)

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    2. I ripped up all my carpet last year so I understand the echo. I can hear wherever the dogs are in the house because of their nails. And if the tv is on in the front room I can hear it all the way in the back of the house.. But it’s so much easier to clean and looks nice.

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    3. Well, it’s better for allergies/asthma as carpet (no matter how much you vacuum…) BUT I don’t think it’s easy to clean…well, the action of cleaning is easy…but in 5 minutes it’s dirty. (so is carpet – but you don’t see it) with this stupid flooring, every water drop is a spot, there is constant miniscule debris settling onto surface. It looks like I haven’t swiffered/swept when I just did it 5 minutes ago. 🙂

      It’s aggravating. and YES, the dog and nails thing. Our poor little one gets so excited and can’t get a grip and ends up spinning in circles, his back end keeps sliding out from under him! My husband wants us to get those booties… but how cruel would that be- he’d really be sliding all over the place! (and just end up falling flat on his face)

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    4. White vinegar and water will help with the spots. I mop in the evening when I get home it’s my wind down moment from work. Blasting music and dancing around the house. Lol.

      My dog who grew up around hardwood floors so his use to it and then the I have the family dog who is 16 and it looks like he is ice skating most of the time. I have a runners placed around the house so it’s easier for him to get on the sofa but honestly he is doing amazing well with getting around then he use to he.

      Booties lol. I use to put Teddy in rain boots before letting him go out for his potty breaks. It was the only way he would agree to go out.. Now he won’t go out unless I walk outside with him. Ugh!


    5. Yup works like a charm. Also putting it on your pets helps with fleas. But I don’t have that issue anymore since we got rid of the carpet.

      Teddy hated the booties.. but loved his raincoat so maybe it’s just he didn’t like his fur getting wet?! I will never know.

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    1. I am SO SICK of packing and my hubby being on “edge” (to top it off, now being laid off) I don’t care if we have a box in a cabinet. Realtor really pushes for you not living there!

      Maybe the kitchen cabs should be tidy, so when someone opens a door…

      …what, it won’t look like a magazine, but real with coffee creamer and crazy stacked dishes? If I have time… but I’m not going to worry about it

      I’m starting to feel like a teenager and challenging the realtor… what, NOWAY are you adding more tasks to our list.

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  1. wow…what a load of work you all had to do! I am not a fan of white, and when we sold our house two years ago the realtor was all “you’l;l never sell with all these crazy colors”…what? since when is pale blue and pale yellow even considered “crazy?” sheesh…so we did everything “eggshell”…euuuuuuuuu then the people that bought the place? they painted it all dark red and blue. go figure. so here’s hoping all that work pays off in a ginormous way for you and it sells during the open house! fingers xd, praying and wishing on a star for you….hope I covered it all there. lol

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    1. You are FANTASTIC! Hahaha, we had everything WARM colors. Walls that somewhat matched the kitchen cabinets (but lighter) and then a darker accent wall. It was more “desert” look. Light brown/tan with Reddish brown accent wall. It looked good. We were told that’s what OLD people do. (we’re in our 40s) and that young people want modern. OH no, everything has to be gray and white. Cold like a hospital, or clinical trials? A jail? A cafeteria? Whatever.

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  2. Your home looks brilliant. I’m sure you’ll get what you want for it, hopefully more. We’ve just put laminate flooring in our living room. I’ve held out for a long time as I think of it as cold. Yes the dog skittering about on it is annoying but we have laminate in the kitchen so I already knew what it would be like. It does look nice though. Don’t know about stairs! Is it not slippy? The carpet in the bedroom looks luxurious – all scrunchy beneath your feet? Mind you imagine dropping your blusher brush or a lipstick on it – eeek. Thanks for showing us the photo’s, I love looking round peoples houses.

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