How many times…

…do you think you’ve used your teeth?

My 12-year-old son always comes up with the most interesting thoughts and I figured he must be referencing our daughter’s new monster high make-up kit that contains a pair of plastic vampire teeth.

“Do you mean those plastic vampire teeth, or her real teeth?”


“Huh?  Do you mean today only or up to this point since birth?”

Since birth.

“What made you think this?  Was this a question posed in science or health class?”

Nope.  Just something he was thinking about while we are chomping on snacks and gum.  His sister guessed about a 100 billion just today alone.  I kind of agree with her assessment since all I hear from them is the phrase “I’m hungry.  That was a snack.  When’s dinner?”

Any answers?

I tried to look online to see if there was a study done.  I wasn’t successful in finding anything.  However, I did find an interesting Wall street Journal article on a watch that will track how many bites you take, with goal being about 100.  (for weight control)  A bite monitor, I wonder if you’re a nail biter, if that would affect the numbers recorded.

Let me know what you find and what your personal guess is for you.

I’m going to go with 100 a day. (I like to chew gum- sugarless)  So, boy, X 365 days in a year = 36,500 annually X 44 years =  1,606,000.  Whoa.  Damn, no wonder I can’t lose weight.




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