Murder of Crows

I now understand why they call it a murder…

…get a few of these suckers together and they are so LOUD you want to kill ’em.

I should have known last  night, when my son said,

“Okay, sleep in tomorrow, mom…okay?”

there was more to this joke other than the fact he can never sleep in and wakes me each morning.  I often tell him to ‘sleep in,’ which means he is up (subsequently means I’m up) between 6:30 and 7AM.  So, when he said this to me last night, both my husband and I laughed.

Flash forward to this morning:  I’m sleeping GREAT and I hear what sounds like arguing.  And it won’t stop.  OH my f’in gawd, birds.  Damn Crows.  Why do they have to be so LOUD?  and so early to wake me?  I swear, they carried on for 20 minutes, and I swore a window must have been open somewhere within our condo.  I’m awake now.

I finally got up to investigate (no open windows, they are just that LOUD) and they immediately flew away.  Guess what time it was?

7:01 AM

JERKS.  Fricking 6:30/6:45 you come and cause a ruckus?  Did they not hear our discussion last night about sleeping in?

Guess what else?

My son slept in until 8AM.  Finally.  But, it doesn’t matter because if he’s not waking me… the birds will.  They have done this a couple times prior.  Apparently, they feel when something is amiss in the universe and have to correct before the world ends.  I don’t know what my part is in this, except I’m not allowed to sleep past 7.

If they are saving the world, I suppose I should be thanking them instead of wishing them dead.

…You know what, it’s probably my dead uncle.  He’s got a sense of humor like that.  He probably sends the birds as a joke and laughs himself silly.  That would make sense, because my mom (his sister) has complained about noisy crows and she lives 45 minutes from me.  We both live in suburbs… no farm.  It’s gotta be Uncle Les.  I can hear him chuckling,




8 thoughts on “Murder of Crows

  1. You never know you could be right… My mom collected owls when she was alive and since she has past I think of her as one now. One of my spirit guides. Whenever mom is trying to warn me of something I should pay closer attention too.

    I will hear hooting days – don’t they ever sleep??! And as soon as whatever I was meant to pay attention to passing. I don’t hear them again until she’s warning me of something else’s.

    It’s been quiet lately.. Hopefully that’s a good thing. 💖

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    1. Yes, hopefully quiet is good. Hmmm. I don’t know how loud Owls are and if they would affect my sleep. But I’m going to go out on a limb (Ha- humor!) and say I’d rather have some Owls than a murder of crows. I hate crows. CAW, CAW….argue, argue… CAW. They seriously sound like humans having an argument.

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    2. Lol. You could always invest in. BB gun. My mother use to shoot squirrels out of trees! Lol

      But yes I’m sure owls wouldn’t be as bad. I swear I can hear the hooting of owls miles away from where I am. Paranoid much?

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  2. Just be thankful you all do not have the 40 pound squirrel that stomps across our roof every morning at 5:15…….never misses a day either the bloody bas……………sorry, not enough sleep. sigh

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