Take the good with the bad

…take them both and then you have the facts of life.

I’ve signed up for our local online city news, and surrounding areas.  It’s called the Lake Forest Patch. A daily e-mail is sent to me.  Sometimes the blog posts are okay, getting you some data, but it’s not a network news station.  Often, the writing / reporting can be fairly awful to the point it’s humorous.  (or it tells you absolutely  nothin’)  However, it serves the purpose to blast out enough so I can research further, should I desire more facts.

Lake Forest, CA is a small city between more well-known cities Irvine and Mission Viejo.  It is the first city that begins South Orange County.  Within the last decade, more people are aware of its existence and want to move here.  Nothing much happens, our crime is fairly low.  We don’t have a police department.  We’re covered by Orange County Sheriffs.

Although we have sports like everywhere else, our city tends to get over-zealous when it finally rains, they close all the fields.   If you play soccer or baseball, the slightest rain, and FIELDS CLOSED because the city doesn’t want cleats destroying the grounds.  It’s quite ridiculous and over-the-top.  What it’s doing is creating generations of kids that can only play soccer in dry weather.  Once some sprinkles come, OH boy!

So, with this knowledge, we don’t expect to hear someone is the best-of-the-best and has made pro from our city.  They don’t know how to play in the rain for cryin’ out loud.  Therefore, it is a HUGE deal to see the Patch send this article.  All right … facebook worthy post.  Go Lake Forest…

News - Lake Forest Soccer Player

Not more than a week later, it’s announced that a nearby city (in Orange County) had a huge jail break, these are some bad dudes…

OC Jail Escapees

A couple days later, an OC Sherriff lost his rifle (facebook worthy)… God I hope those bad dudes weren’t in this vicinity.  Although, I don’t think it’s their weapon of choice.  If they are desperate…

News - Lake Forest Sheriff lost gun

A day or two later, after we were just celebrating a young woman’s triumph last week, a woman my age, is a suspected culprit in aiding in the escape of those inmates.

News - Lake Forest woman aids in escape of prisoners

What the HELL is going on in my city?  With more people knowing about Lake Forest, and moving here…we’ve been getting some crazy stories lately.  Two pastors were arrested for child molestation. (several accounts)  A past beauty queen was arrested for child pornography.  That’s just a couple of stories from last month.  There’s more!

I’m ready to move.  And I know, crazy is in all cities across the world, but Southern California is becoming overly-crowded and insane with so many people moving here.  The word is out on our city, and they are coming.

Let’s hope they have BIG MONEY and will buy our condo.




7 thoughts on “Take the good with the bad

    1. Nah, I live in old neighborhood, every ounce of land is already developed. As for any open land, the Irvine Company is taking every tiny bit of it for residential Real Estate. That’s where their BIG MONEY is. There used to be an awesome water park (Wild Rivers) – and Wild Animal Park, the leases were up on those and they wanted to build million dollar properties. It’s sad because in that same area, is the Irvine Amphitheater (Irvine Meadows, Verizon, now Meadows again) they keep extending the lease for our local concert venue because they want to build million dollar homes, but are waiting for the market to improve. The area near the old El Toro Marine base (closed down) is now called the GREAT PARK, communities of homes/parks/schools all tiny townhomes starting at 800k (everyone from China is purchasing and then customizing their homes from ground up), and overly-priced luxury apartments. The apartments up the street, the only ones in our area with 3 bedrooms, over $3,500 a month! They are into building these “communities” that one association like Northwood has it’s own school and strip mall. Many of these properties not only have association dues, but Mello Roos that don’t have an end date! A friend of mine works for the interior design part of Irvine Company and has to calendar meetings with all the buyers with the interior designers. It’s crazy the stories she tells me.


  1. All I can say is, I hope you don’t pull a Sheldon Cooper (from The Big Bang Theory) and go and become a “Bozite” and move to Bozeman, Montana. It’s not much safer, at least, not if you go by what happen to Sheldon upon arriving in Bozeman.


    1. Oh, hell no. I’ve heard nothing from everyone that Montana is too cold. Idaho has cold, but it’s supposed to be a little more reasonable. (I’ll still be freezing and sad that I can’t wear my flip flops everyday) but hopefully, I’ll feel safer on the road.

      My hubby’s joke while traveling (he drives a lot), “I can always tell when I’m getting closer to Los Angeles, because people do not know how to drive here.”

      Seriously, our area, is primarily made up of those that moved here from other countries and do not know the laws of the road, nor have auto insurance. And so many people… so times that by infinity.

      Here’s the sick joke, though: I’ll move to another state and probably be driving along, and an avalanche will kill me. Or a rock slide.


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