Why am I broke?

  This looks like $5 bucks.

A couple of days ago, Greg, at Almost Iowa, explored reasons why he was broke when he doesn’t make substantial purchases or live too crazy beyond his means.  I laughed because I could completely relate.

Neither am I making extravagant purchases, yet… huh, why don’t I have any money?  And why are my credit cards high?  What did I buy?

It’s the Del Taco (cheap burritos that I convince myself are somewhat healthy for the kids – because they have beans…better than McDonald’s cheeseburgers, right?), Chipotle (damn steak bowls), Walmarts and Targets. (Let’s go there and save money – just need this- and this, and this too…walk out with full basket.) Then I return home and my husband inquires:

“What the heck happened. Did we really need all that?”

As I gaze over to the several, and I mean several boxes of girl scout cookies he just purchased and promised to buy more.

“Well, we know several girl scouts and I couldn’t just buy one box from each of them.”

Yes- God forbid. Let me buy 3 from you, and 3 from you, and I’ll run home and get more cash for you.  One year, I opened our pantry to find an entire shelf of GS cookies.  It looked like we were selling them.  But those coconut ones are soooo goooood and were gone faster than a blink.

Then Greg touched upon utilizing coins.  OMG.  The schools have been doing these “coin drives,” one week each school year, Monday they bring in all their pennies, Tuesday all their nickels, then dimes, then quarters.  I told my children the past couple of years NO… don’t take our money from the laundry room … we need to use that pile of coins to buy your lunches and maybe dinner.  Currently, we are the needy.

Money is money, right?  So why is that we feel (or I feel) the need to apologize as I’m counting out my change to the attendant and say:

“Hey, let’s use coins. They are weighing down my purse.”

They say okay, but at that point, a rogue dime goes rolling across the counter top away from the register and onto the floor beyond the counter. As I yell out,

“Wait, don’t take that dime… I got 10 pennies!”

(sheepish grin / embarrassed laugh, so sorry.) Hey- if I  had a 50cent paper roll, I’d pay you 50cents via a roll of pennies!  Because, seriously, I have a stock pile of them.

“oh, that’s okay, mam. We need the change…and pennies too. Really.  Okay, let’s count this all out.”

I’m never sure if they are being sincere.


14 thoughts on “Why am I broke?

  1. Hey, thanks for the shout out.

    The greatest thing about blogging is the comments. People write the darnedest stuff on my blog and it is always a hoot – but the best thing about commenting is when we drop comments on someone else’s blog then realize that we have just written half an entry for our own blog.

    It is what makes it all a blast.

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    1. Right… I was like, well, damn. I may as well copy/paste and tweak for a post. Besides, your idea was awesome! You were my daily prompt!

      BTW: I actually do this a lot. I become ‘friends’ with my blogger pals and I ensure to link to their posts often to give them credit for giving me the idea! 🙂 (I wasn’t just clever on my own.)

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    2. At least in my mind, “borrowing” an idea is completely acceptable, it is only “borrowing” words that will get you into trouble.

      When I do this, I work to develop the ideas entirely into my own words. One of my favorite authors, Christopher Moore, does this all the time, often basing his novels on the retelling of well known stories.

      So “borrow” away!

      But you are right to give a hat-tip to where you got the idea. People always appreciate the courtesy of an acknowledgement. 🙂

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    3. There are my favorite blogs so why wouldn’t I want to share those site with others? We’re all a little community. Typically, I’m just relating to something they posted which sparks my idea to tell my own personal story.

      My stuff is never fiction. It’s all true-life stuff. So, it’s always mine. 🙂 Someone just reminded me to share.

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  2. Just wait..eventually you will become just like me and go to 5 different stores just to save a buck (nevermind all that gasoline being wasted driving 20 miles around town)…and all your purchases will be in pennies and nickles that you have picked up off the floor and rolled into those horrid little coin folders….I can see you ten years from now pulling that little red wagon filled to the brim with rolled nickles to buy twenty boxes of GS cookies!

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    1. And cute, smiley faces. And speak those wonderful, sugar words: “Would you like to buy some Girl Scout cookies?” We’ll have to be like Jim Carey, in Liar Liar, where he puts his fingers in his ears and yells “la,la,la,la” so he can’t hear anyone’s questions and doesn’t have to tell the truth.

      La,la,la,la.al….. ohhhh, all right… I’ll take some cookies. I’ll take that one, and that one, and 3 of those. (Damn it)


  3. I’ve experienced the guilt of buying Girl Scout cookies. At work, you can’t buy them from just *one* colleague’s daughter — you have to buy them from everyone who has a daughter selling cookies. I think I ended up with 14 boxes one year because I didn’t want to upset any co-workers.

    Luckily, a few family members had birthdays around that part of the year, so they each received cookies for their present … much to their bewilderment. And I think I ended up gaining 15 pounds and selling the treadmill I’d gotten for New Year’s.

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    1. Funny, funny! So true. I’m not kidding, we had an entire shelf loaded with boxes. I was like, did someone in our family join girl scouts and I’m unaware?

      It was because we had a lot of family friends, and we couldn’t be “cheap skates” and only buy one box from our niece (4 boxes), and our best friends (6 boxes- two girls), etc. So multiple people and multiple boxes. Then they raised the prices and looked at us like, really, you’re balking at purchasing? Oh, gosh, no. Gimme 10.

      BTW: It’s all perspective. I had a co-worker (older guy near retirement) that actually inquired if I knew of anyone selling, because he looks forward to a certain cookie each year and will buy 6 boxes. So, if someone gave that to him as bday gift, he would have been STOKED.

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