LOA: We got some bounty hunting to do

Hey, to all my “Grrrs” out there, I might have to take another break from blogging, a brief leave of absence… cuz, we really could use some $$ for all this condo upgrading and relocating costs.  I’m pretty sure this has made national news…since the FBI is involved.  Snipit from article:

OC Jail Escapees“a related development, the Orange County Board of Supervisors today quadrupled the reward being offered for information leading to the capture of three inmates who engineered a brazen, well-orchestrated escape from the Central Men’s Jail in Santa Ana.

The board boosted the total reward to $200,000, adding $150,000 to the $50,000 being offered by the FBI and the U.S. Marshals Service. The U.S. Marshals Service is offering $10,000 per inmate and the FBI is offering a $20,000 flat fee.”

I’m thinking if we watch a few episode of the Dog, we can take some extensive notes and be on our way to find these criminals and bring them to justice, while earning some much needed cash.

My guess, these guys are long gone from OC and even out of state, maybe the country.  So any AZ, NV, UT, OR, ID, MX and Canada bloggers want to join in on the hunt?   Their disappearance wasn’t accounted for 16 hours!  So, hmmm.  That’s a big jump.  If someone drove them, or gave them money for an airplane, bus… but I’m sure FBI has already checked all those cameras.

May the best bounty hunter win!  Oh, and be careful.  One of the guys was referred to as Hannibal Lector.  (awesome)  He might be a biter.

Okay my OC families, lock your doors (house and car while driving)  Although scary, we’re not new to this scene.  A Mission Viejo teenager help catch Richard Ramirez, AKA the Night Stalker.  We got this.


8 thoughts on “LOA: We got some bounty hunting to do

  1. Holy Crap! I would suggest a yard sale instead of going Dawg on those dudes…just a thought. Maybe ask the neighbors to give you some nice furniture and appliances to get the level of yard sale up a notch or two…


    1. I DETEST yard / garage sales. They are a complete waste of my time. We live in Southern CA, near Irvine, where the garage sale people/culture is predominately Asian, Persian, and Mexican and those cultures the majority (not all) will not pay full for anything. It’s not even bartering, but standing there holding a pair of shoes until you finally say “just take them.” If it’s a pair of nice tennis shoes for $3.00 (basically brand new) – they will insist it be $1.00 or .50cents. I gave an entire 5T wardrobe away for only $5.00. Sadly, it wasn’t worth my time.

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    2. rats…here east of you by a hundred bazillion miles yard sales are the in thing for making big bucks rapidly…..okay then how about a latte stand in the front yard manned by cute small children. I know a couple that you can rent for a day or a year

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    1. Yes, it’s actually a very bad/serious situation… but we also need to have a sense of humor in these matters.

      It’s funny, I don’t know “who” actually made that reference, I think it was the procesecutor for the case … and the ‘boss’ man had to make a formal correction stating that individual was out of line and shouldn’t have said that… (we can’t be scaring the public like that – so we’ll lie instead.)

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